Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall /Halloween Tablescape

I completed the tablescape from my little teaser post yesterday.  I bet many of you knew what I was up to (at least my long-time readers).   I will show it in black and white first, so those of you with sensitive eyes can get your sunglasses.  It looks pretty tame here. :)

Got those sunglasses on?  OK, here is the same picture in color....
Orange, chartreuse, black, purple & yellow are the main colors. The drinking glasses are actually purple, but it is difficult to tell that in these pictures.

  I went out on the deck and cut the foliage for the centerpiece.  I used a similar foliage bouquet a few years ago and really liked it.  I needed some orange in the centerpiece, so I cut down the two crocosmia blooms that I had in the picture frame arrangement I showed you last week.

The coleus came from the same arrangement.  Coleus does not like cold temps, so it probably would not have lasted through the week outside.  I bet it's quite happy that I brought it inside where it is considerably warmer!  That chartreuse variety is a good match to the chair backs, don't you think?

I also think the Vaseline candlesticks that my mom gave me years ago are a nice match

I made the quilted table runner  and chair backs a couple of years ago.
I really like this bright runner. The only time I can use it is near Halloween.
Actually I don't think this table is all that Halloweeny...only the skeleton straws and the spider candles suggest Halloween...unless you glance over at the curio cabinet... 
The purple glasses are stored there. Since I put them on the table, I could not leave the cabinet bare, so I  replaced them with orange pumpkins and a silver skeleton head..I am working on other Halloween decorations  in the near vicinity.  They are not yet complete, so I will show you those on another day.

Happy fall 'Yall!


  1. that is awesome always have such creative ideas...

  2. This looks awesome! I love the chartreuse touches-esp the coleus! Boo!

  3. That looks great Zoey. Really like all the colors in that. It's so Halloween.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. I knew that you were creating something fabulous. You put colors together that I could never imagine and they turn out looking stunning...Balisha

  5. I love your tablescape, Zoey! The colors are awesome and your goblets are so pretty.

  6. Zoey your table looks great, love the candles with the spiders. I did not realize all of the fall and Halloween decor I had accumulated, more than when my children were young.

    I am about ready to put out the spookies!


  7. I think the colors just scream Halloween, but my favorites are the candle holders and candles, and the centerpiece is gorgeous.

  8. What a lovely tablescape Zoey. I love the quilted runners. You are all set girl for fall and Halloween.


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