Saturday, September 15, 2012

(Almost) Autumn Deck Rearrangement

I spent a couple of hours on the deck this morning removing about a dozen ugly spent containers as well as the two framed planters on the lattice wall.  There was still a few weeks of life left in many of my planters, so I reorganized those.  I clustered the ones that still looked decent to show off their best sides.  I even reused the green picture frames.

I love this Proven Winner Colorblaze Keystone Kopper coleus with the autumn-acceptable clash of the orange croscosmia.
Here is the whole container cluster:
I did a second cluster arrangement around the whiskey barrel on the opposite side of this entrance. 

It has red Rembrandt dahlias.

I just pulled the red dahlia containers from this corner crate display of red and pink dahlias.

 All of the pink were hit by whatever  bug has been destroying all my dahlias, so I cut those back and just left the red with the sweet potato vine.  This area is now home to my white glider.

I did a blue/green table arrangement in the area where the white glider sat all summer.

I have since decorated this area a bit, but the sun is washing out pictures, so I will have to show that on another post.

I think I should get at least a month of enjoyment from this new deck-or-ating.  I am hoping to have at least one meal out here on the green table.

Look what DH found today:
A humongous bright green caterpillar!  I think it's one of those tomato-eating horn worms. Am I correct?


  1. They look fantastic Zoey. You sure get the most out of your containers and keep them looking super. Now I don't think that's one of the good caterpillars, but I've never really studied them either.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Zoey - your containers look really nice. Fresh arrangements for the rest of the season - hope you have more than one meal at the green table. Looks like a great spot. Enjoy.

  3. wow you are so creative Zoey....I love the frame...

  4. Now that's what I call framed flowers! Gorgeous...that is a bad caterpillar for plants but a great moth. I try to leave a few alone.

  5. Gorgeous arrangements-looks like magazine photos. Glad you can enjoy them for a bit more.
    Horned caterpillars have a big pointy nose I believe.

  6. Zoey, your new arrangements look great. I did not see that Proven Winners coleus around here, will look for it next year. It looks like a Tomato Hornworm.


  7. Zoey...Your deck looks so inviting. Your plants are huge...what do you do to get them that way?
    A tomato horn worm can devour a plant overnight.

  8. Check this out:

  9. What a great space! The lattice privacy screen gives the whole deck such an intimate feel. I've been rearranging and editing some containers as well. With the sun so much lower in the sky, a few have stopped getting the light they need. Time to freshen things up!


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