Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Snowy Weekend

It's been snowing all day--just big light flakes--it looks like a few inches of accumulation so far.

I just love to stay home on snowy weekends. I shower, put on a clean pair of jammies, and sew, cook, & read all weekend.

I sewed a few hours this morning and finished snowman block #4.  I decided I needed a girl snow person, so did one with a pink scarf.
These 4 blocks represent a minimum of 20 hours of work.  I am getting tired of making these blocks. I think I will stop at 4. 

If you remember, I am planning to make holiday chair covers with these snow people.  I had intended to make six of them, but now I am thinking that four snow people is plenty and I can then make two nutcracker blocks for the two end chairs.
I bought this nutcracker pattern from at the same time I bought the snowman pattern.  If I change the green background to the same blue fabric as the snow people, I think it will look just fine. . . even more interesting than six of the same snow person pattern.

The only household work I did today was to wash bed linen and change the quilt and bed skirt on my bed. This off-white lacy bed skirt will go with anything, so that is what I decided to use with one of my green log cabin quilts.
When I switch to my Valentine pink heart quilt, this bed skirt will be just fine.  I switch quilts so often that it is nice to have a skirt that goes with everything.   It's a big pain in the posterior to remove the mattress so I can change bed skirts.

 I did not even remember that I had this neutral lacy bed skirt.  I went to the basement to rummage through my "bed skirt" Rubbermaid box and I found two of these!   I wonder when I bought them?  It must have been  years ago. One of them has never been opened!

I have some pork ribs in the oven with potatoes and a broccoli veggie mix for tonight's dinner. I pulled a couple of the ribs out before applying BBQ sauce to them because I want to use the pork in my yellow split pea soup tomorrow.  YUM! We should be having good eats this weekend!

My blog friend, Dianne, at Dianne Rambling On is having a Martha Stewart cookbook giveaway.  I love Martha cookbooks. You can still enter, just go over to Dianne's and leave a comment.

I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. As you can tell by my header, I love snowmen, yours included. Quilting is such a talent, one thing I have not tried yet! Stay warm,


  2. love the nutcracker....great minds think alike...jammie days are great...

  3. I like that your snow people are the same but look different too! The nutcracker is a cute pattern.
    Thanks for the thumbs up about the cookbook. It's nice when more than 5 enter, but the odds aren't as good for you. ; )
    Enjoy the snow and putering around the house.


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