Friday, January 21, 2011

I Really Hate to Shop--UNLESS I Do It Sitting at My Computer

Yesterday  morning I decided to take a another look at the big sale and I could not believe all the new stuff that was added...

Yes, I ordered all of these. It's not as bad as it looks because it's only four jackets, not eight. I am showing the back and front of each.  I was a bit bummed that the free shipping code had expired.  I hate to pay SH and almost never do. Luckily they had just sent me a catalog with a  spend $100/get $20 off, so that was pretty much the same as free shipping. I would not have ordered if I did not have that -- hey, I do have my standards.

I am really loving the first two -- animal print and orange--so different--you all know by know that  I like orange.  That second one is a denim  jacket! Loving the  honeycombed tucks  on the front and back with the tiny metal rivets for accent.  It has a  burnished foil print  that I am hoping is not too bold in real life.

Yes, I have been a little extravagant in my spending this week. But remember last October when I ditched the acrylic nails?  Well, each jacket equals about one nail appointment.  So I have just reallocated my middle-age maintenance funds!  I can  always find a way to justify a good bargain!!


  1. Great choices Zoey! Just keep telling yourself you're worth it.


  2. love them Zoey...I can't order clothes on line...I have to try everything on...I'm short so I never know how something will fit or look...

  3. good for you Zoey! And I'm happy that you ditched those nails - I just cannot help but think that although they look beautiful, they must be, in some obscure way, not good for the nails.
    That denim jacket is my fav - love the detail!

  4. The second one is my very favorite!
    Have fun wearing your jackets Zoey..and it looks like they all would go well with jeans too. That would be a must for me.

  5. Great choices! I just love how you reallocated your middle-age maintenance funds! Too funny!
    'hugs from afar'

  6. This is like your perfect store! Everything say 'Zoey'! Pretty items. I don't have a lot of jackets, but I know you where them for work (and I know leisure) too.

  7. That should say 'wear'-foggy brain.

  8. Hi Zoey....You are a naughty influence. After your last post...I went right to Coldwater Creek online and placed an order. I had stayed away from there since before Christmas. They had such good bargains that I bought a couple of things. isn't it fun to sit and shop from the convenience of your own home? Especially not having to go out in the cold weather. Thanks for the idea...These jackets are really stunning...I love jackets.. Balisha


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