Sunday, January 30, 2011

All of my Clothing Orders Arrived Last Week

So far I am pretty happy with everything.  At first I was not too fond of the expensive denim and lace jacket (that I got at a dirt cheap outlet price) because it was a  bleached out color -- I like darker denim. Also it's not even lace like I thought--it's some sort of embroidery.

I do like the embroidery--it's just the bleached color I  thought I would not like. But I wore it today and I am thrilled to report that I  liked it much better on.

I love the  denim jacket with the gold and the metal rivets! Usually I find denim a bit too heavy, but this jacket is lightweight and a great dark blue color.  I wondered why it was so much lighter than the above jacket so I checked the label and found out  it's only 61% cotton, 38% polyester! and 1% spandex.  I had no idea it had poly in it when I ordered it!  Nonetheless, I love this jacket!  Moral of story: Don't be a poly snob!

I wore this one yesterday with the metal necklace I got awhile back.  How lucky was I to have a necklace that went so well with this?  I am happy, happy with this purchase!

Last week I wore the animal print jacket to work. I really like the detailed tucks on the lapel.  Again I lucked out and already had a shirt and a necklace that were a near perfect match.
This jacket even came out of the package with no wrinkles--gotta love that!

I also ordered a few items that I did not show you--like this fleece shirt.

Actually I bought two of them -- purple and red. 
I bought these just to wear on the weekends. They are nice, BUT they are like wearing a fleece blanket--very soft, but VERY warm!  It's a good thing we keep our home very cool during the winter.  I wore the purple one early today (we took a little overnight trip yesterday and I put this one in the hotel room).  I was way to warm and ended up changing into something else.   Now that I know how warm these are, I probably would NOT have ordered them.  But if I should go outside to shovel the driveway (don't laugh, it may happen), these would be nice to wear.

Other than the fleece, I am pretty pleased with everything I bought. That's a good thing because I never send anything outlet prices, it's not worth paying the SH to return anything.

This afternoon I am working on finishing this table runner that I made last year.

All I have to do is quilt it on the machine and then but a binding on.

I also  opened all of these little envelopes that contain extra buttons for all the clothing I order. I wish they would package the extra buttons in clear mini bags -- it takes a lot of time to open each envelope to see what is inside if I need to replace a button. So I took all the buttons out and put them in a see-through plastic jar (a parmesan cheese container)

Much better!

Now I am off to cook up 5 lbs of burger. We will have spaghetti for dinner and I will also make a hamburger veggie soup for later in the week. The rest of the cooked burger will be frozen so when I want to make spaghetti again I will just thaw a container of burger and be ready to go.

What did you do this weekend?


  1. you are lucky your orders turned out so well....hubby and I did some cooking today for the week...I made turkey taco soup....and turkey chili...hubby made a gumbo with fish and chicken...we've had a warm weekend...but cold weather is headed we are ready...

  2. I like the demin look and print jackets you purchased. Glad everything is pretty much what you ordered. I partook in retail therapy last night and joined this place called 'Beyond the Rack'-they give you $10 credit-I found a scarf I like and of course the blasted shipping was $10! Also bought crafty things from Overstock. I've hardly touched my paper crafts in 2 weeks.
    Good for you getting the burger cooked up. I use ground turkey instead of burger. I have 'real' burgers when we eat out.

  3. Great clothes and accessories, Zoey. I tried to stay warm as it's ffffreeezzzinngg here again. A little quilting, a little reading, a little napping...:-)

  4. Cute outfits!
    Put on that really warm shirt, maybe both of them and head this way. You can practice on our drive way. We are under our first blizzard warning EVER. 20 inches of snow are predicted.
    so if I got MIA, it will be due to the lack of electricity.

  5. You got a lot done Zoey! The clothing looks great! And how wonderful that you already had the matching know how to pick 'em:)
    At these frigid temperatures I'm ready to cook up a pot of soup.


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