Sunday, January 9, 2011

Productive Sunday

I have accomplished so much today!

I had dinner and dessert made before 11:00 a.m.

Yellow split pea soup, deviled eggs and pineapple upside down cake.   I am amazed that so many people I come across in my real life have never heard of yellow split pea soup.  Almost everyone knows of the green pea soup, but not so many of the yellow.  I made it early so it had time for the flavors to's like Chili--tastes best the second day.

 I am not posting the recipe because I just throw things in, but if you Google it, you will find that the majority of the recipes are quite similar............and very close to the way I made mine.

It is such a healthy and delicious soup! I used two of the pork ribs I made for Saturday's dinner.  Just before I put the BBQ sauce on them, I removed a couple to use for today's soup.  Most people just use ham, but I like to be a tad different! :)
I spent a couple of hours early this afternoon wrapped in a quilt while watching a Lifetime movie and browsing through 3 old magazines.  From three magazines, I ripped out just three pages that had something I thought I might one day want to try--a patriotic cheesecake, a Margarita and a S'Mores oven recipe.
I threw the rest of the mags in the garbage.

I also did quite a  bit of cleaning.  As I sat in the Lazy-Boy watching the movie, I noticed a lot of dust on the family room entertainment center (I almost never sit in the family room -- I probably should spend a bit more time there).  As soon as the movie was over, I got up and removed everything from the shelves so I could wash them all down with soapy water.  As I was removing items I found some  black wooden artsy things that I was looking for last weekend. I thought they were in the basement. 

Last weekend I wanted to  swap them out for the two chickens from above the dining room  hutch.  Chickens  just did not go with the current zebra theme.  So I put the chickens on the entertainment center--I put a sachet (that I won a few years ago (3?) from a blog giveaway from Jean) around the hen's neck.  Jean, after all these years,  this sachet still smells good if I walk by and rub it between my fingers!

The black things were put above the dining room cabinet.  I think they go much better with the zebras, don't you?

I have spent the whole weekend home in my jammies--I wore a different pair today than I did yesterday! LOL.  It's been wonderful.

I hope your weekend has been equally as wonderful!


  1. sounds like a great weekend..

  2. My grandmom made split pea soup from the dried 'green' peas. I've never seen the yellow. I know Carole/Pea grows yellow string beans, but they seem more common.
    Your dining room looks smashing!
    I try to do the same thing with magazines before I recycle them. I did that with quite a few Rachael Rays.
    I was lounging a bit myself today. : )

  3. I for one havae never heard or seen yellow peas? think maybe they just aren't ripe yet? LOl

    I love Pineapple upside down cake, but without the cherries, they are yucky! I had a lady last week at Aldi's tell me she always bakes hers in a cast iron skillet. (Funny conversations you can get into in the grocery store).
    Love the Pajama theme!

  4. What a wonderful weekend! I have never had split pea soup, yellow or green, but I bet it is good.

  5. Zoey, Your soup looks great. Very nice food photography. Take care and stay warm!!!
    Blessings, Beth


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