Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Six Wheelbarrow Loads = 1 Big Blister & A Dollar Store Trip Yields some Christmas Decorations

On Sunday we finally had a dry afternoon. I made use of about two hours to cut down all the tall debris from some of my gardens. I started here and went all the way down to the the end of the two longest gardens.
There was a lot to cut down in this one. All those tall asters in the back, tons of Sedum Autumn Joy and phlox,

and the globe thistle.

All of it is now gone.

In the front yard, I cut down dozens more Sedumn A. Joy.

I did a lot of work, but I still have plenty more to cut down. If I had about one more hour, I could have removed all of this Sedum.

Unfortunately I got a big blister that burst just as I was getting to this side.

So it will all have to wait. If I don't get another opportunity, it will stay until spring. That is usually what happens.
I feel good, though, because I have already got a lot more done than I did last year.

On Saturday morning I stopped at the dollar store to pick up some Halloween candy and look what I found:

They were putting out Christmas decorations and I grabbed these limey green items. I think I will mix them with pink this year on my smaller trees. I plan to do another aqua/lime green main tree so pink/lime will blend in well.


  1. Good morning:

    The gardens still look very pretty, although I know they will soon be covered in deep snow! Love the new Christmas Ornaments.

    Hope you are having a good fall.


  2. wow...christmas is getting close...I just want to enjoy Thanksgiving 1st...pretty ornaments

  3. More power to you! I should do that, but it may have to wait a few days. I need to bring some glass things in I almost forgot about as a frost is expected tonight.
    Great find with the ornaments!

  4. now can you bandage that blister and come over to help me with my borders!!!! I haven't done a single bit of bed-cleaning and the plume poppies are gigantic! Maybe the poppies returned because this is the FIRST year that I left everything alone. Your beds look terrific.

  5. Wow Zoey that is a lot of work you got done..my garden is very small compared to yours. I leave my perennials just as they are through the winter and clean them up in spring.
    I too noticed that Christmas stuff is out on the shelves, here it is okay as we have already had our Thanksgiving.

  6. It's no wonder you got a blister! I don't even have half of what you have to cut down and I get blisters!! lol Isn't it amazing the nice Christmas ornaments you can get at the dollar store? I was in ours yesterday and they now have all their Christmas stuff out so it was fun looking at it all. Didn't buy anything, though, which is surprising! lol xoxo


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