Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas Tree Top and Chicken Stuffed Wonton Shells

I have spent the past 24 hours watching sappy Christmas movies on the Family Channel. I think I am on my 5th show right now. I am thoroughly enjoying these shows; Because I don't watch much TV, I have not seen any of them before, even though they are old shows.

This morning I did some sewing, cooked a late breakfast, took a shower and got right back into a clean pair of jammies as I knew I would be spending the afternoon decorating my main tree while the movies played in the background... a few times I had to stop trimming the tree to get a Puff's tissue. Yeah, sappy movies do that to me.

This year I did my main tree in lime green and aqua. You may remember that I did aqua and white last year. I had the lime green addition planned since last December and I bought some lime green balls during the December 26, 2008 sales.

Today I will show you my tree top this year; tomorrow I will show you the rest of the tree.

Do you see any of those branches I painted silver?

The peacock is perched on one of them.

I also used some in the window garland:

I used something else from my garden. Did you notice what in the pics above?

The same day I got the branches, I picked a bunch of silver dollar plants that were growing in my wooded area. I thought they would work nicely on the top of the tree with the other natural materials I had purchased last year. If I had more,I would have used them all through the tree.

Yesterday I made tonight's dinner in anticipation of spending the entire afternoon decorating the tree. I cooked a bunch of chicken breasts and made chicken noodle soup for tonight.

I also took some wonton wrappers and baked them in the oven in mini muffin pans.

I tried one after baking and I must say they were not very good. I almost threw them in the garbage.

I decided to save them and make chicken salad to fill them.

YUM! DH and I both loved them with the chicken salad. The shell was still pretty tasteless, but was very crunchy, which we both decided was much better than putting the salad on bread.

Tomorrow I will show you some pictures of the full tree.


  1. I have always thought those wrappers were difficult to eat!! They are so crunchy that you can't really take a bite! We fill them with italian sausage and jack cheese and ranch dressing. Pretty good once they get softened up!
    Your tree is just lovely, you are so creative!!

  2. Your tree is beautiful. Way too much work for me.
    Sounds like you've had a great week.
    Are you ready for thanksgiving? I'm going shopping tomorrow for the bird. Just hope I can get it thawed by Thursday morning.
    Have a great holiday.

  3. Whenever I make egg rolls and have leftover wonton skins, I just slice them into strips, fry them up til brown and shake them in a bag filled with cinnamon sugar. YUMMY! They go great with ice cream.

  4. Your tree is looking gorgeous! I like your natural touches.
    I'm not quite in the mood yet, but like you I think my theme will be A Woodland Christmas as I purchased lots of cardinals, pinecone and related things.

  5. Sissy, that's exactly what I thought--too hard & crunchy--but they were much better once filled. Your sausage/cheese mix sounds good. What I really want to try is crab rangoons.

    OSB,It really is TOO MUCH work. For Thanksgiving I only have to make sweet potatoes. We are going to my Mom's.

    Giddy, Thanks for sharing that. So far I have bought won ton wrappers twice (over the past 5 years) and tossed them both in the garbage because I have not used them. Your "recipe" sounds like a great way not to waste the wrappers.

    Thank you! I don't really have an overall theme. This tree did not really end up as "woodland" even though the top might suggest that.

  6. I love those branches and the silver dollars..nice touch Zoey!!

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