Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Baker's Dozen of Bare N*aked Pears

I've had a bag of pears for over a week now and I needed to use them up before they spoiled.So tonight after spending about an hour sewing my latest project, I peeled and seeded them all and decided to make a quick pan of pear crisp. It turned out pretty good and I am enjoying a dish of warm pear crisp as I write this post.

It's been fairly warm here for the past three days. I should have been outside cutting down the rest of my flowers, but I have not been in the mood. I guess they will probably have to wait until next spring unless we luck out and get nice weather for the weekend.

Last Tuesday I had my red winter coat on while I was getting the top coat put on my nails. I was horrified to look down and see that the lining in the sleeve was all ripped and sticking out the cuff. I have had the coat for quite a few years and knew it was about time to replace it.
It took an embarrassing incident like that to make me finally do it. This morning I ordered this new red coat. I hope it looks half as nice on me as it does on this model.


  1. The 'naked pear' dessert sounds heavenly..any leftovers??
    I love the red coat..it will look marvellous on you Zoey..I just know it:)

  2. I love red coats...you need to post a photo of you in it ....


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