Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hey, Lady, Watch Where You're Going!

Right after work today, I ran to Wal*mart to get some silver paint for my branches. As I was walking in to the store I nearly bumped into another lady. We both turned to say excuse me. Imagine our surprise, when the lady was my sister! Now I wonder....what are the odds of bumping carts with your own sister?

We decided to go out for dinner after finishing our shopping. There is a Chinese restaurant right across the road, so we went there.

I started with Wonton Soup. I do love Wonton soup. Then we had lemon chicken and cashew chicken.
We finished with a fortune cookie, which I did not eat. I think they taste like cardboard.

Overall we both enjoyed the meal. We decided to do it again next month.

So I had a very good day today.

Then I camce home and read this new study about how happy people are ranked by state.

My state, Michigan, is 41 out of 50. The state of my birth (Missouri) is even down lower. So now I feel a little depressed.

Here are the 50 U.S. states in order of their well-being scores, which are out of 100 points.

1. Utah: 69.2
2. Hawaii: 68.2
3. Wyoming: 68
4. Colorado: 67.3
5. Minnesota: 67.3
6. Maryland: 67.1
7. Washington: 67.1
8. Massachusetts: 67
9. California: 67
10. Arizona: 66.8
11. Idaho: 66.8
12. Montana: 66.7
13. New Hampshire: 66.7
14. Vermont: 66.6
15. Virginia: 66.5
16. Nebraska: 66.4
17. New Mexico: 66.3
18. Oregon: 66.3
19. Connecticut: 66.3
20. Alaska : 66.2
21. Texas: 66.1
22. Kansas: 66.1
23. Georgia: 66.0
24. Wisconsin: 65.9
25. New Jersey: 65.8
26. South Carolina: 65.7
27. Iowa: 65.6 - 27/50
28. North Dakota: 65.5
29. Maine: 65.5 - 29/50
30. Florida: 65.3 - 30/50
31. Illinois: 65.2 - 31/50
32. Pennsylvania: 64.9
33. Alabama: 64.9
34. North Carolina: 64.8
35. New York: 64.7
36. Delaware: 64.7
37. Rhode Island: 64.6
38. Nevada: 64.5
39. South Dakota: 64.3
40. Louisiana: 64.2
41. Michigan: 64.0
42. Tennessee: 64.0
43. Oklahoma: 64.0
44. Missouri: 63.8
45. Indiana: 63.3
46. Arkansas: 62.9
47. Ohio: 62.8
48. Mississippi: 61.9
49. Kentucky: 61.4
50. West Virginia: 61.2

How does your state rank? Do you agree with it?


  1. You were truly born in Missouri? ?!?!?

    I know we're related!

    Dinner looks yummy, I've never tried lemon chicken.

  2. We ranked in the middle of our country for happiness/satifaction. says the survey..I am very happy and satisfied with where I live!
    Your dinner looks wonderful..I love that kind of food.
    What a nice surprise to 'bump into' your sister and then have supper with her.

  3. Wonton soup would taste good-maybe for dinner tonight! I haven't eaten much all week. I have to watch MSG in Chinese food. If it tastes too salty-beware. It makes me feel odd.
    PA is in the 30s-big cities with poor sections, lots of mountainous areas, but like Michigan, a pretty state!

  4. Hmmmm, Arizona ranks 10, but what do we know our brains are fried from the relentless heat!

    I'm with you on the wonton soup, for something as simple as clear broth, a few chopped green onions, and a few noodle dumplings that stuff is da bomb.

  5. Dinner looked so appetizing! I love that soup! But I am unhappy to learn that my home state (NY) is almost lower than yours! What, with the taxes and all, not to mention the INSANE drivers!!!
    At least we have fiber.

  6. You have been a busy lady as always. It is so great to still be working outside. I've been doing some spring chores too, may do more today. Can't wait to se what you do with your branches! Jean

  7. Arizona is way to high on that list. We are not happy. Not happy at all.

  8. With the cost of things today, i'ts likely you could run into anyone you know at Walmart!

  9. Hope all is well Zoey! Busy season I know but I miss your posts.


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