Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas......

What? You don't think that looks like Christmas? Hee hee. Well, check back later and I will show you what I have used these dead branches for. I need to get some shiny silver spray paint to start their holiday transformation.

As soon as I got home from work today, I went out and cut down the rest of the Sedum Autumn Joy. It will be so nice next spring when I remember that I have that huge chore all done! I spent about an hour outside and that included finding the dead branches above.

I have been debating whether or not to host the family Christmas Eve party this year. It's so much work and I am not taking that week off for vacation this year (I am planning to take the week after Christmas off). I called one of my sisters tonight to see if she thought I should do it. "Well, of course," she said, "We have to have it."

She went on about one of her grandsons who had so much fun that he is still talking about it! So that made me feel good. If people actually enjoy it, it's a lot easier to do all that work. So I guess I will be the hostess again. My sister said she will help with anything I need. She is very good about that. Last year (even though I did not ask her to) she brought a bunch of gifts for the little games we play. I usually buy about 30-40 gifts, so it was nice that she helped out.

Once I get going, I do enjoy all the planning,etc.

A few days ago I got the December issue of Martha's mag. I have not opened it yet. I hope it's a good issue.

It seems that last winter I made up some new games for this year's party. If I remember correctly, I have them all printed out and ready to go. I think I stored them in the china cabinet in the dining room. I will have to go look later.

Now that I will be having the party, I will most likely start decorating this weekend. I do a TON of decorating and the longer in tooth I get (my college business instructor's favorite saying--it means "the older I get"), the longer it takes me to decorate--and the longer it takes me to remove it all. That is the part I don't like very much!


  1. Hi, Zoey! Just thought I'd drop in to see what you've been up to! So good to see you're so busy! You have so much energy, I could never keep up!

  2. Zoey..your party sounds like it will be a fun time but do accept all the help you get offered! You after all have to clean and decorate and look after all the details...oh yes and then all the clean up afterwards!
    I'm waiting to see what you will do with the branches..I'm going to go and cut some tomorrow..wonder if we will be doing the same thing?? Although I doubt it..

  3. good for you Zoey...I'm sure your party will be a hit...

  4. Now you have me very curious as to what you'll be doing with those branches! No doubt it will be beautiful:-)

    It's your fault if you have to host the Christmas Eve dinner make it so much fun, everyone wants to come back! hehe I'm thinking of making a dinner party for neighbours, something I haven't done in a long while. Will have to find out what date would be the best.

    Ooooh, I haven't seen that Martha Stewart issue yet so will have to go check where I usually buy magazines.

    Have fun decorating!! xoxo

  5. Sissy, It's been a long time! How have you been?

    Betty,Now I am wondering what you are going to do???

    I hope so, Deb.

    Pea, a neighborhood dinner sounds nice. I hope you get to do it.


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