Monday, April 21, 2008

The Weekend was Productive

I accomplished most of what I wanted to. There are still a few gardens that need cutting down, but that's a never ending job. I got a bit sidetracked when my dear husband accidentally spilled a full cup of hot coffee down and under the refrigerator and across the kitchen floor. It was a mess and he had to pull out the refrigerator so I could clean the floor behind it. Of course, the vents were dusty so they had to be cleaned and then the whole floor had to be scrubbed...

I was actually happy he did that because it was the first time the refrigerator has been pulled out since we bought it two years ago.

I did finish quilting the feather design border. (4/21 6:19 PM I switched out the pics because this one shows the quilting much better)

I think it took about 4 hours. I sat in front of the TV and watched taped Gardener's Journal, Kitty B., and Simply Quilts while I worked on it.

I am beginning to see the end of quilting on this one. I still have the same border on the other side and then the final border to quilt. Probably a minimum of 20 more hours and then the binding and it will be done. It's nice to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

I harvested my first chives and DH bought some Vidalia onions. YUM!

I caramelized some onions with mushrooms to top these steaks that DH cooked Saturday night.

It was a good weekend.


  1. The quilt is so beautiful! Do you have a place in mind for it already.

    Love the fashion show. I so rarely wear skirts, mostly in the summer here but otherwise it's pants.

    Hope you have a great week.

  2. You've done great job as always on that quilt.
    The steaks look yummy. We love the Vidalia onions too :)

  3. Sally,
    I will be putting it on my bed as soon as it's finished.

    Hi Susie, Thank you.
    I must get over to your blog to see what you've been up to this week. I think I will head over there now.

  4. Hi Zoey:-)

    Sounds like you had a busy weekend! I need to go clean up my faerie garden and get it ready for planting...too early to plant yet, though, as we usually get frost in May yet so have to wait a bit longer. I did clean out my other flowerbeds and the tulips and daffodils will soon be in bloom:-)

    Love that quilt...but then I love all your quilts! lol I'm just loving the colours in this one.

    Yummmm, those steaks sure look yummy...I bbq hamburgers yesterday, the first bbq of the year!! It just seems to taste so much better cooked on the bbq. xox

  5. Oh wow! Your quilting is gorgeous Zoey! I can't believe you did that by hand and in only four hours.

    I've been transplanting roses from my old house so eventually I'll start another garden. Too exhausted thinking about that though! I don't know how you do it. Especially because the growing season in Michigan is so much shorter.

  6. Those spills can be so annoying but then in the end you get a cleaning job done that you hadn't planned on!
    Your quilting muscles are in fine shape..and by now so must your gardening ones be..
    It doesn't get better than bbq'd steak for a Saturday night supper..yum!

  7. Bri has spilled coffee a few times in the kitchen in the past few months-down cream colored cabinets!
    Your photos look 'yummy'-quilt-wise and food wise!

  8. Wow, Zoey...the quilt looks great. You are very fast with your quilting. Super job.

  9. Pea, it was our 1st BBQ, too. It's the only time DH does the cooking so I love it!

    Chopsticks, thank you. I am getting less enthused about maintaining such large gardens. If they look as bad this year as last, I am going to get rid of a few...too much work for too little enjoyment lately.

    Betty, so far the old gardening muscles are fine. I am pretty happy about that. :)

    Dianne, What's with men and their coffee spills? DH is always dripping little bits all over, but this was his first major spill in a long time.

    Debbie, thank you. I will be very glad when I can show it fully completed! I still have a lot of hours to work on it.


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