Thursday, April 24, 2008

Trick or Treat

It's barely spring and here I am getting ready for fall. I've been wanting to make this little pumpkin block for a while and decided to finally do it. I made two of them and then I had to think of something to use them for. They are small - just 4.5 inches and I really didn't want to make more of them. So I did what I like to do best, use them for the center of a larger 9-piece star block.

Oh, cute. I am liking these playful blocks that now finish at 13.5 inches. If I still had a little boy who went trick-or-treating, I would make a candy bag from them. But I don't have a little boy (or girl). I really don't want to make another big quilt right now. Though it's tempting to make black stars with witches, ghosts, etc. inside. That would be fun! But I don't have enough of that green background fabric left, so I will save that idea for another time.

I decided they would make a cute tablerunner with my pumpkin flower holder as centerpiece and my octagon shaped black dishes. I just needed to design a center block.
Hmmmmmmm, as you can see, my first attempt is just not going to work. That animal print orange/yellow color is just too strong. I need to redo it with green.
I will probably do that after work tonight.

Edited 7:46 pm, Thursday, April 24 to show the runner with the new center block:

Second Edit, Friday, April 25, 9:36 PM: Rather than waste the original center block, I made two more and created a second table runner.

I like this one quite a bit.

I have not been outside since the weekend. The weather has been beautiful, but on Mon/Tue I had appointments after work and by the time I got home, I just didn't feel like going outside.

I hear there is snow in the weekend forcast, so I will probably regret not getting out there this week.I have not even sprayed my tulips with deer repellent, so it will be my own fault if they get eaten. I am just a lazy gardener this spring!


  1. Oh girl I'm not so sure I like thinking fall yet...your table runner looks good, although I agree about the animal print background..
    I too am a rather lazy gardener this spring, my motto seems to be "what will be will be". It's been cool the last few days and now it's freezing rain so maybe that's why the gardening interest has waned..

  2. Love the smiling pumpkin!
    More snow for you??? Goodness, it seems late in the year for that!
    After all the rain we had here, they are now saying it's not enough and we're in a drought now.
    I can't figure this weather out!

  3. Betty, My motto is the same so far this year! Freesing rain certainly does not make me think of getting out in the garden.

    Susie, Not too late for Northern MI. We usually get a bit of snow in May as well. Makes you wonder why we call it "God's Country", doesn't it? LOL.

  4. Very cute!
    As a crafter, I should be making things for Halloween and soon Christmas to try and sell. Thanks for the motivation.


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