Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fold up the Quilts and Bring Out the Crocs!

I just spent my first 45 minutes outside cleaning the gardens.

It felt good!

It's only 58 degrees, but to me that's perfect for cleanup work.

After work this afternoon, I cut down 2 wheelbarrow loads of Sedum Autumn Joy and picked up some big pine branches that fell during the winter.

That was enough for my first time out in '08.

It's supposed to be around 60 degrees for the next few days, so I will probably do a bit more each night.

I have decided to continue my fashion show. Today I wore my new blue jacket with the ruffley edge. Here I am at 6:30 this morning just before going out the door (had to edit and remove the head. I couldn't stand it anymore):
I liked this jacket enough to buy two of them. I have a peach-colored one just like it.

i am wearing the same jewlery as I wore yesterday. I've been pretty lazy lately about changing my jewelry. I used to take the time to change all my accessories every day--even my purse. Now I just put on whatever jewelry is the easiest to grab and I use the same purse every day. I guess I used to enjoy dressing for work more than I do now.


  1. I hear ya doing a little at a time. I have weeds galore in my beds and still a ton of leaves are around. We are going to be pushing 65-70 for the remainder of the week,so I'll see what I can do. I'm nursing a pulled shoulder blade right now from raking on Saturday.

  2. Ahh ..the head, I'm glad you're showing that today, Zoey! LOL
    This jacket looks smashing on you too. You sure picked great colors!!
    I did a little bit of work outside today and suddenly I discover some muscles that I didn't know I had.(I say that every spring..lol)

  3. I spent several hours out cleaning up the yard yesterday. I think I have my yoga to thank that I'm none the worse for the wear today.

    I'll be back at it again tomorrow!

  4. It's not surprising that your Croc color is especially pretty, Zoey!
    It may be work but there used to be something satisfying about cleaning up that big winter mess - kind of like Mary Poppins. Down here it's spread all year. Don't get me wrong - I like the year round flowers, but occasionally miss the drama.

    Speaking of drama, that's a lovely pink and black outfit in the previous post!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose
    [you knew I'd be back once you got dirty, right?]

  5. I am out in the yard, too, cleaning up! thanks for visiting my blog!


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