Monday, April 14, 2008

In the Pink (and Black)

I love pink and black together.

A couple of you asked for a fashion show with the new jackets, so here it least one of them. Please forgive the missing head. :)

I am quite happy with all 5 of the new jackets. Well, I haven't actually worn the jean jacket yet. It's the one most of you liked the best, but I like it the least. It's too casual for work and I almost never wear jeans. I had cool summer evenings and capri jeans in mind when I ordered it. One of these days I am sure I will find a reason to wear it.

Can you stand one more post about the quilt? It was bothering me that there was no dark border to anchor it. To me most quilts need a dark border. Today at work I thought of some blocks I had been sewing for the past year. When I felt like doing mindless sewing I would do a few of these and toss them in this plastic bin. (The 2007 is for the Roses are Red quilt. It was intended to be done by the end of 2007 and that label was to be sewn on the back. I think I will call it "close enough" and sew it in anyway)

I was thrilled when I got home and discovered that I had enough of these blocks to add another border to the star quilt. (If I keep this up, it will end up as another king-sized quilt). So here is a pic of the quilt as it looks with the new border.

It uses most of the same fabrics that are in the stars. Here's a close up of one corner:

There are 436 pieces in the border! It would take a long time to just sit down and sew them all together. When I was making them, I thought I'd be happy one day to have a border all ready to sew on.

Today was the day. And I was indeed quite happy to remember I had these!

So in the last two days it went from this:

to this:

to this:

I am pretty certain that I am now done! :)


  1. Just when I think it's perfect you go one step further and make it a completely new delight..the quilt is stop already!! LOL
    That pink jacket is gorgeous but the "head" would have made it perfect!

  2. The jacket it great and looks wonderful on you.

    You hit the target on the border for the quilt! Congratulations!

  3. This quilt is getting better and better! love the turkey pic. I keep driving by a home w/ turkeys, and mean to take a pic of them.

  4. Betty, Sally and Muum,
    Thank you for the nice comments. I am pretty sure the quilt is finally done and I will now fold it up and put it away for awhile so I can concentrate on the gardens.

  5. Hey, I have to remember to switch to IE to check out your page and new photos. Your quilts look wonderful!
    And thanks for modeling your new jackets, you look swell. I think we almost have the same eyeglass frame too.

  6. That quilt is perfect... exquisite... gorgeous!
    I am in awe of your talent!
    You design and create the most amazing quilts that I have ever seen!


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