Sunday, April 6, 2008

Just Like I Thought it only took a Royal Flush to Win

Too bad I wasn't the lady who got it. Darn! No big wins for me. I think that last year at least I won big at the machines. This year I had no luck at all in anything. It's not because I didn't try hard. I was playing the machines until 2:00 a.m. the first night. That is way to late for me and the next night I was so tired that I went up to my room at 8:00 p.m.

Has anyone been having problems with my blog loading? Dianne has mentioned a couple of times that she's has a problem with it loading: For some reason your blog lately (over the last month or so) gets hung up on and I have to refresh or check in later to see the photos. Dianne, I am so sorry to hear that you are having problems.

I have no idea why. I have had no problem at all with the three different computers that I access it from. I must admit, that I don't really know what is. I mean what's the bp3 part?

It was 60 degrees when we got home this afternoon. A few more days like today and all of the snow will be gone. I don't have my quilt finished yet (the one I am hand quilting and wanted to finish before spring). I am more than half finished, but unless we get some more cold snowy weather, I won't be getting it finished before May. I've spent too much time this winter making new blocks, table runners and quilts. I guess there's no rush to finish it. It's not like my bed is without a quilt. I have to change them every few weeks just to use all the ones I have.

I hear my laundry buzzer going off so I must run to get the clothes before they wrinkle!


  1. I have had no trouble loading your blog. (very quick!)
    Sorry Lady Luck wasn't smiling for you this time, but a getaway is always fun.

  2. No problems here with your blog, Zoey.
    Too bad you didn't win big...back to the usual work grind!!
    I'm off to church for the evening service..

  3. Sorry you didn't win! I was out cleaning up the gardens yesterday. I didn't get very far. I forgot I shouldn't be in the sun with the antibiotic I'm on.Looks like another nice one today.

  4. Zoey -

    no problems with your blog here either. The quilt you are working on is beautiful and a very ambitious project!!

    Spring has sprung here and everything is coming up! I am afraid it will be awhile before I get back to my quilt!


  5. Boo hoo! I guess my computer is getting old or it's the security software that isn't recognizing something. Right now it's stuck on
    Well, you win some you lose some! If you had fun, then that's the big thing. My one friend is at a food show down in Atlantic City with her husband (a chef) for a few days. Wonder if she will win anything?

  6. I was just surfing a bit and this is still the only one that doesn't pop up for me right away. Weird blogger!

  7. Ok, the bp1,bp2,bp3 are where your photos are stored on blogger. I'm not sure if you are uploading huge files or that you trim them down (or blogger does). I tend to trim my back or they wouldn't all show.

  8. No problem loading here. Sorry you didn't hit the big one and make big bucks.\\


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