Friday, April 18, 2008

Has Anyone Read this Book?

I am trying to read it. I am on page 30 and it's been over 2 weeks since I started to read it.

I must not like it much or I would have found the time to continue. By now I have forgotten almost everything in the first 30 pages.

I am trying to decide whether to give it another shot this weekend, or just forget it.

So I am looking for anyone who has read it to guide me forward. Is it worth trying again?

I want to enjoy it because this author has written a number of books and I am eager to find an author that I just can't wait to read the next book.

I need to take a weekend trip.

It's the only time I get to read.

I've worked a bit each night on the gardens. Just a bit. No more than one hour per night. I hope to finish it all this weekend.

Here is the rest of my fashion show week.

Wednesday, my newest copper shine top with the animal print jacket I bought as one of my very first CC purchases. I love this jacket (so much that I ordered another one with aqua animal stripes. It's a very lightweight jacket which is what I like):

Thurs: The coral jacket (this is the one I matched my nail color to)

and today it was back to the darker colors. This is the only outfit that was not purchased from CC:

So there you have one full week of my work attire. Every day I wore black pants (I bought 8 pair of the exact same pant). I went from wearing only dresses and skirts to wearing only pants during the past year or so.

I used to wear pantyhose everyday.

Now I never wear pantyhose.

I am getting very boring in my dress habits.


  1. Haven't read the book so can't help you out. I guess you need to read a bit more before you decide to skip it altogether, right?
    Quite the fashion show, Zoey, thank you! I also wear more pants than dresses.
    About that gardening, it's good to pace yourself, I worked outside for the first time cleaning up flower beds for an hour today and my muscles are complaining..
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Pantyhose???? I think I used the last of those to tie up my tomatoes several years ago. :-)

  3. Very snazzy!
    You are getting like Kasmira (I think that's her name, but on Flickr she is Fennelgirl) who shows us her outfits too.
    I never hardly wear hose either.


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