Friday, February 1, 2008

Valentine Tablescape #2 --My Red Wine Glasses Arrived Today

They are more beautiful than I envisioned and they are a good match to the red/burgundy charger plate for my valentine table.
So I have removed the clear glasses. I put the napkin under the plate.
And Voila, here it is!

Oh, I also added my "LOVE" candle holders just because they are perfect for Valentine's Day.

Whenever I have candles on a tablecloth, I like to include a candle snuffer as part of the display. That way it's always handy to put out the candles.

I don't want to blow on them and have hot wax all over the lace cloth.

The glasses came in beautiful boxes. I had two cabinets sitting bare and needed to think of something to tie in with the table. I was pretty excited when I thought of using them for that purpose.
I used some of my Mom's crocheted doiles, a mini quilt, a pink magazine
some pearls, and a couple of pretty pink serving dishes.

I am thrilled to pieces with the new glasses. I do love it when I buy something online and it ends up being better than what I expected.

I can see where ordering online can be very addictive and hazardous to one's credit card balance. :)

Has anyone noticed that the spell check is not working on blogger? I noticed it last night and it's still not working today.


  1. With all these pretty dishes you now can think about a romantic Valentine Day's dinner!

  2. Betty,
    Would you come and cook it? :)

  3. Oh Zoey dear... lovely tablescape!!
    Those goblets are perfecto!
    I love decorating with pinks and reds and whites and golds! You nailed it!
    You are set for Valentine's girl!

  4. I'm so happy your glasses fit in so beautifully with your tablescape-but I think you knew they would! : )

  5. Good morning dear Zoey:-)

    Oh, I am SO loving your Valentine decor!! Everything looks beautiful and those glasses you ordered online are gorgeous. As you say, ordering online can become very addictive! lol I ordered my decorator table tablecloth online (for my computer room) and I'm hoping it's as nice as it looks online!! Hopefully I'll receive it within a week or so. xox

  6. Wouldn't that be fun to come cook your valentine's day dinner..if only I didn't live so far away...
    Alas you must go to plan

  7. Hi Zoey,
    This table looks just lovely :)
    Now: What's the menu for your special Valentine's dinner ??


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