Thursday, February 21, 2008

It's the Occasional Comment Like This One that Makes it all Worthwhile

from Anonymous:

I have long wanted to leave a comment for you. I just want you to know what an absolute inspiration you are to me. As both a gardener and a novice quilter, I am encouraged and constantly inspired by your talent in both areas. Your quilting and your love of design and home-making are an on-going source of inspiration to me! You savor and utilize every moment of every day! (After teaching for over 30 years, I will retire in three months. I am so looking forward to doing exactly what I want to do each and every day.)

You are a wonderfully talented lady who makes living life a wonderful journey. Kudos to you, my friend!!

Someone who has enjoyed your blog for over a year....

Anonymous, thank you so much. I cannot express how good I felt after reading this. Congratulations on your upcoming retirement!

Last night I completed border #3 and I've finally made one that I like. I have used that green fabric in a couple of the centers so I think it ties it all together without taking away from the stars.

Now I will just roll it up and set it aside to await it's turn for quilting.

Maybe I will try to machine quilt this one. Then again, maybe not. I don't even know how to machine quilt and I like this one too much to mess it up. I am still awaiting the quilting package for my new machine. It's been a month now and still nothing. Evidently it’s on back order because they are out of walking feet.

Just as I was posting this I got a comment from Jodi at Organized Chaos saying that she considered me as one of the bloggers she "loves reading because of their positive-ness!:)" Oh, my goodness. I feel even more special. Thank you, Jodi!


  1. What a lovely comment! I wholeheartedly agree. : )
    And love the border, it's just enough not to take away from the main design.
    The ladies who do the quilts for Make A Child Smile machine quilt all the time. They are just basically sewing around cross stitched squares. I've seen a few get fancier swirly stitches with smaller quilts.

  2. Well Zoey you do deserve to get these lovely comments! My head just spins thinking of all the sewing/quilting you do. I love seeing what you come up with..your ideas are endless it seems!
    We have ladies quilting all summer long at our museum and they do such amazing work. Maybe if I check out these quilting bees often enough I may get a hankerin' to try it!

  3. Anonymous expressed my sentiments much more eloquently than I could have. I'm always in awe of your energy and creativity!

  4. I'll chime in on all the Zoey-love! I'm always amazed at the amount of stuff you get done every day. And really, I think you show us all how to take joy in all the simple pleasures.

  5. Dianne, thank you for the nice words. Regarding the machine quilting, it's the nice swirly designs I want to learn to do.

    Betty, It's so nice to have you back. I see I made a mistake and it was Jamica, not Mexico...oh, well, at least I hope you had a great time even if you didn't have a Margarita!

    Giddy, thank you. I think you seem to have a pretty good dose of energy yourself! :)

    Hi chopsticks, I was just thinking about you. "Zoey-love" LOL. Thank you, that's so sweet.

  6. I like your positive attitude too Zoey and your sense of humor keeps me chuckling. You do seem to enjoy life and have plenty of energy and that's always inspirational :)
    It was nice of 'anomymous' to let you know how much pleasure you bring her.
    I like your newest border and am glad you're finally happy with the quilt. The colors are lovely.

  7. What a nice comment! I agree completely, too. I've been reading you for about a year - and it has been fun to share your gardens and quilt projects and tablescapes, etc. You make everyone feel at home here - and I love your sense of humor. You do a nice job of visiting others' blogs too - I always enjoy reading your comments.

    The chicken pot pie looked yummy. And your quilts are gorgeous. Very talented you are.

  8. What a lovely comment. I know that had to brighten your day. I always know I'll see something interesting here as you are one creative lady!


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