Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm Even Dressing in Easter Colors!

All this purple/pink decorating is influencing my wardrobe choices. Today I looked like my Easter table!

I started with a purple jacket that needed a bit of punch. Look how boring.
It is crying out for some bling.

I added a sparkly brooch, but it still needed something....

So I went to my sewing room floor and pulled up a small piece of the pink bandanna fabric. I folded it and pinned it into the pocket.
I liked that much better. I had on black pants which went well with the black in the bandana fabric. I am really getting mileage out of that old fabric!

I was leafing through my latest Midwest Living magazine today and I found the cutest idea for an Easter centerpiece. I ripped it out to save. I thought I'd share it with all of you. Maybe someone will want to use it.

Isn't this adorable?
As always, click to see it in it's full glory.


  1. My your outfit looks fine, Zoey! Such small things added and they can brighten up an outfit!
    I love the Easter centerpiece, will keep that in mind.

  2. I just got my copy of Midwest Living today and thought that centerpiece was totally cute too.
    I like that jacket - even without your touches - but certainly you added just the right pizazz!

  3. My Midwest Living has expired, so thanks for the note on that centerpice. It's beautiful and cute at the same time. It should be bring lots of comments at the Easter table.

  4. Loving your Easter look both on your table and your outfit! The egg tree is real cute. Thanks for the center piece idea!

  5. For some reason your blog is taking a while to load up today. You are truly ready for Easter! I just bought myself a purple sweater. : )

  6. Zoey!!! I just LOVE your Easter tablescape!! WOW! I've just spent the last 10 minutes enlarging the pictures and admiring every detail. lol I'm quite impressed with those eggs you decorated, they're gorgeous.

    Also love your shirt colour and yup, adding the little piece of pink bandanna fabric sure did add to it:-)

    I am so going to make that centerpiece...what a fabulous idea! I wish I had my own flowers but they sell some at the grocery store so I'll buy them there. Much cheaper than at the flower shop!!

    Take care and hope you're staying's been so frigid here! xoxo


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