Friday, February 29, 2008

Why does all the bad weather come at the Weekend?

We were planning to get away this weekend, so, of course, it's snowing with freezing rain predicted for Sunday when we would be coming home. Arrrrrrgggggggggg....We will have to wait until tomorrow morning to see what becomes of this storm. Maybe we can still get away for one night.

For tonight, I will leave the suitcases unpacked, and be content to sip a glass of wine, have a light dinner and stay home and sew.

For my next project I have decided to take one of my plates and design a table runner around the plate. I am very excited about this lightbulb flash of an idea. Why spend so much time making table runners that may not match any of the dishes I own? It makes much more sense to design the runner around the plates.

I have a set of hand-painted Knowles dishes that I really love. They are probably from the 1960's and oh, so retro looking. The pattern is called, "Modern Plaid".

Here is a dinner plate with three fabrics I have picked to work with.

It's just crying out for a geometric design in the table runner.

Oh, this will be such fun. Can't you just see a big brown bean pot full of twiggy branches & Shasta daisies as a centerpiece with these casual dishes? I have lots of bean pots, so you will probably see a full tablescape later in the summer season.

I haven't spent much time reading blogs this week. One night after work was spent on middle-age maintenance (hair cut and nails). Last night I went out with my 4 sisters-in-law for our annual "Girls Night Out" dinner that my twin sisters-in-law plan. This year they picked a new Chinese restaurant, which I really enjoyed. I had a good meal and it was great to spend a few hours with just us girls. I took my camera, but decided to leave it in the car because the place was packed. So there are no pictures of my "Sizzling Platter" of shrimp, scallops, chicken, and beef with an array of Chinese veggies. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I hope we all have a great weekend!


  1. Oh you! What a great idea!
    It will be so fun to see your plan unfold!
    Keep us posted along the way!
    And those dishes are awesome!

  2. Please show us your tablerunner when you are through. It's always inspiring to see someone else's work.

  3. I can hardly wait to see that table runner and those yellow dishes in a tablescape,Zoey...I bet it won't be long the fast worker that you are!
    Hope you are able to go on your weekend getaway. We had some bad weather yesterday, even closing some main highways. Today the sun is shining and it's looking better.

  4. I like your idea a lot, keep us all posted on your table runner.


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