Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bucket List

Jean has tagged me for the "bucket list" meme.

Jean said, "there are no rules except to give your list of five things you want to do before you die, based on the movie The Bucket List."

Well, I am at a bit of a disadvantage as I have never heard of the Bucket List, so I went searching to see what it was all about.

When I found out that Jack Nicholson starred, I was immediately interested. I always enjoy his movies.

I found the plot outline: Two terminally ill men escape from a cancer ward and head off on a road trip with a wish list of to-dos before they die.

So what do I want to do before I die?

1. Retire. It would really tick me off if I died before I got out of the work force! I am a decade and a half from full retirement age. My plan was never to work until retirement age anyway. But then I didn't plan to work past age 40 either. Time flies by so fast.

2. I’d like to take more classes at the local community college. I LOVE learning. I already have two associate degrees from this college I am one class short of a third Associate degree. But I don’t even want another degree. Why would I need one? I don’t want to go to work again! I just love taking classes. The last few classes I took were computer related and I took them as an “audit” which means, I got no credit for them. I didn’t have to take any tests unless I wanted to. Auditing a class costs the same as if you were taking it for the credits. The advantage is it’s stress free.

3. Before I die, I want to have the freedom to waste time. Lots of it. That will come when #1 is reached.

4. I'd really love to, just once, tell a customer to go stay at a competitor's hotel! We all get a kick of out the customer from He**, who carries on about irrational complaints and then says, "I'm never staying here again." Just once before I die I want to clap my hands in glee and thank them profusely for not coming back. I must admit, I am laughing out loud right now just thinking about saying that!

I can’t really think of anything else I want to do. There are no material items that I long for. If I were younger, I would want a bigger house. But at this age, I don't want a mortage and I don't really want more to clean.

I like my life just the way it is. Though I would probably travel a bit, I don’t have any big travel desires, there is no foreign country that I am dying to visit, I don’t want to start my own business, I don't want diamonds, gold, or sapphires….

Basically I just want more time to wallow in pure selfishness. Time to do exactly what I want to when I want to do it.

I am supposed to tag five people, but you all know, I am not going to do that. If any of you want to, please feel free to do a post on what you would like to do before your time is up. It really takes some thinking to figure out what you want (at least for me).

Now I have a short term goal -- to rent that movie. Has anyone seen it? Is it worth two hours of my time? Because I am not quite at the point where I can spend productive time on a boring movie. :)

I sure wish Blogger would get that spell check fixed! Please ignore any misspellings.


  1. I haven't seen it but it sounds like one I'd like.
    I enjoyed reading your list Zoey.
    I agree, learning is fun, and there's so many interesting subjects!
    I'd love to see you do that to a crabby customer! I hope you do some day :)
    I think we all want freedom to pursue our interests, especially as we 'mature' :)

  2. Hey Zoey - what fun to catch up with all of your great posts! I have this movie on my netflix list - I don't think it's out on dvd yet. But it sounds like a good one. I love your list. I would add more travel for myself - but otherwise I agree: life is good and I'm lucky enough to be doing the things I enjoy doing.

    Where to start - I love your Valentine's tablescape - those wine glasses are to die for - very pretty. (and I love the boxes - glad you found a great place to display them) All of your pieced projects are great. And, lucky girl!, you have a new sewing machine!! Mine is ancient - I bought it the first year we were married - yikes, almost 38 years ago!! But I'm quite sure mine doesn't get the workout yours does! (a good indicator - it's languishing in the back of one of the closets - I think!)

  3. Good ones! Not even wanting to grow the prize winning Canna? ; )
    I think the Bucket List was just in the movies in the last month or so.
    I, too love to learn and try new things. I always told my son that I became my own teacher and read up on things that interested me.
    I think I'd like to travel to the west coast to see where my father's people are from. And to meet some of my friends from the internet.
    ; ) I have met a few already, so many more!

  4. Thanks for doing the great list! I think we have very simular goals. More time in the garden and telling a customer where to go! Really enjoyed reading yours!

  5. I enjoyed your list and I'm with you on retirement and more time to waste! The only thing I would wish to do is move into a secluded cabin in the woods to live. It wouldn't even have to be big or fancey--just secluded!! Can you tell I've been a city girl too long?

  6. Love the bird patterns. Is that a series? Patti

  7. I too, have no burning desires except for more time to pursue the things I love doing. To that end, I am giving my notice at work next week and will be retiring at the end of March. This summer, I'm going to enjoy every last beautiful, sun filled day!

  8. Giddy,
    Congratulations! How lucky you are to be getting more time to enjoy life.

    Those are from a book called, 356 Foundation Quilt Blocks, by Linda Causee.

    Dianne, you would probably love the cabin I posted about today!

    Jean, thanks for tagging me. It was fun. I think anybody who works with the public knows what we mean!

    Kris, thanks for the nice comments. My sewing machine was about 30 years old, too. You are right, it does get a workout!

    Kerri, I am about as "mature" as I want to be. LOL. Most customers are wonderful. There are only a very few that I would like to say that to. Maybe I should say it and then I would be unemployed and could enjoy life like Giddy will be doing!


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