Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Relaxng Weekend & My Winter Garden

I had a relaxing Sunday afternoon reading Nora Roberts, Northern Lights. 

I am enjoying this Alaskan love/murder romance.  I am about 2/3 finished and will probably not read the rest until Saturday.

After work today, I took a little stroll through my winter garden. It's 37 degreese so I just wore my Crocs and long wool coat.

I came in when the socks starting getting wet. :)

I left one of my benches out all winter.

Here is my Burning Bush shrub in the winter:

I chuckled when I saw this.  Any idea what it is?

It's my dwarf  Threadleaf Golden Cypress shrub that I planted last summer.
The Ninebark you see in the background of the pic above is here:

It's the tiny little twig you see above the snow by the porch railing. 
I sure hope both are nice and cozy under that snow. I really like them and would hate to lose them over the winter!

Here is  my orb in the winter:

the rockwall garden:

I was shocked to find this:
What gardener worth their Felcos would leave equipment lying out all winter?  I had no idea this was left out!


  1. Don't you just love Nora? Read everything she has ever written, even under Robb.

    Spring is almost here Zoey. Of course we haven't gotten near the snow you did so it seems closer to me, but I can hardly wait. It's been so weird that new weeds keep on going and I did get time to pull a few today before my hands froze from digging my fingers in that cold wet dirt to get all the roots.

    Have a nice week.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. We just started getting snow a few minutes ago. I could just cry. I am done done done with winter......

  3. That's it...call the garden police...you left a shovel out all winter!!! lol I see you have a lot of snow yet as well and your temperatures are pretty much like ours. Right now it's 32F as I type this. Fingers crossed that all your plants have survived the winter, I'm hoping mine did as well, although I don't have half as many as you do. I lost 3 rose bushes last year so that wasn't good.

    About time you have a relaxing day:-) xoxo

  4. Your shrub is sending out an SOS.
    Gee, you and Carole sure have some wintry landscape. We have brown with a touch of green.
    I read about 10 minutes a night. I use e-readers then use a 'real' book as I have so many of them. I haven't read Nora Roberts for ages!

  5. Glad you had a relaxing day reading Nora Roberts. I used to read a lot of her books but haven't for a long time now. Haven't read much of anything lately.
    I sure am looking forward to spring so I can get out to my little garden.

  6. So much snow yet! Love the orb...I almost bought one like it this weekend...but couldn't figure out where I'd put it!

  7. You made me cold just looking at crocs and socks in that snow! Brrrrrrr

  8. First of all, what the hell? You have all of that lovely snow!!!! I am envious. Secondly, PLEASE be careful wearing your crocs in the snow! They are like greased pigs and you could fall down (been there)! And lastly, I am SURE that you did not leave that shovel out! It must have been the garden fairies ....

  9. Oh Zoey only you would be checking out her garden in winter:)..but hey it sure looks nice in winter too. I like all 4 seasons..there is something wonderful about each one!


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