Sunday, February 26, 2012

Good Neighbors are Hard to Come By & Dining Room Chair Covers

Our neighbors are in Florida until next week.  We are picking up their mail while they are gone.  After Mother Nature dumped a load of heavy snow on us, we had planned to make sure their driveway was clean  before they come home.  We thought we had a few more days.

Today we looked up about noon and their daughter and her family showed up with  shovels to clear their driveway.  There was no way we could watch them try to lift that heavy snow with a shovel!  DH revved up his snow blower and went over there to help them out.
They were very grateful. 

Here is the driveway two hours later:
I think DH felt good being able to help them. Isn't that what neighbors are for? I know they would do the same for us.

Friday afternoon I finished the new dining room chair covers.
 I had to add a coordinating fabric to the two end chairs. I was thrilled to find something I already had in my fabric stash.  I had about five yards of it! I think I originally bought it to make neutral chair backs.
Here is a close up of the end chairs:

I am pretty happy with these contemporary chair covers. I think it will be such fun to set a full table with them.  They look like Easter eggs, so I think an Easter table would be perfect!


  1. That is what good neighbors do. They're kids probably came on over with it being Sunday. You did a great job of sewing your chair covers Zoey and matching the end chairs and they look wonderful.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Good neighbors are like gold! I can't wait to tell you about my new neighbors. But there are a few more hurdles to jump over before I can introduce them to everyone.

  3. Those chairs turned out GREAT. I really like the ends ones are a bit different. I think it sets them apart nicely..and they still coordinate beautifully.

    We are the same way with our neighbors. We have a widow right next door and we do all her snow work for her. xo Diana

    ps. If you get a chance pop over to my blog and check out my new word giveaway!

  4. wow, that's a heavy wet snow you got! A little jealous down here. We're sooo behind our snow averages!!

  5. cool did a great job...brrr that snow looks are great neighbors...

  6. I love love the chair covers, Zoey! You must be thrilled!
    I bet you wish the across the street neighbors could trade places with the next door neighbors with all the junk neighbors!? How grateful they will be and perfect timing to be in Florida!

  7. I am so lucky to have neighbors who blow out my driveway for me. Haven't had much snow this winter, but they are predicting 10 to 12 inches Tuesday and Wednesday.
    I envy you being able to sew. I can barely sew on a button.

  8. Hi Zoey! Wow, you guys really did get some snow. That's a lot more than we've had so far, but I think our luck is about to run out this week. It's nice to have friendly neighbors, I bet they really appreciated the snowblower.

    I love your new chair covers, they sure do look elegant and spring-like. Great job.

  9. We always take care of our neighbour's yard and mail whenever they leave for an extended period of time...just makes you feel good when you can help like that:-)

    I love your chair covers, you really did a great job on them...but then that doesn't surprise me!! I think they will be great to use with Easter decor! xoxo

  10. Zoey,

    I love the new chair covers, they go so well with your paint colors. You really whipped these up quickly.


  11. Love the chair covers..great for spring and Easter.
    That's being a good neighbour..I'm sure you are the best neighbours!!If I lived next door to you I just might get new chair

  12. Nice to have neighbors like you.
    Those chairs are so pretty. They do look like Easter eggs.They will look so festive with your special table setting.

  13. So nice to give your neighbors a helping hand (well their kids). : )
    Your slipcovers look modern with a dash of 1950s to them. They turned out pretty!


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