Saturday, February 18, 2012

Denim & Metal Casual Wear for my Saturday

I haven't shown you any fashionista pics lately. Today I am wearing something quite different (for me)--denim.  I know most of you probably love jeans and wear them every day.  Not me.  I have never really been a jeans kind of girl (well, maybe back in my 115 lb. days). I find the fabric thick and uncomfortable.  I guess they just don't fit my expanding curves.  

Nonetheless, I am totally decked out in denim today-- blue jeans, green denim jacket and grey shirt with metal accents!

The shirt is full of tiny metal accents sewn all along the zippered neckline.  It's the same kind of zipper you would find in a pair of jeans.  I finally fixed the metal necklace that arrived broken and it has become one of my current favorites. 

I usually wear it alone, but today I teamed it up with the gold pendant to coordinate with the gold zipper and these earrings that I wear almost every day.
I wondered what footwear I had to go with this. I have been wearing the same semi-sensible shoes for the past six months, so I forgot what else I had in my closet.  I was happy to find these:
 Just loaded with metal--a girl can't be expected to wear sensible shoes all the time!

Now  here I am at 7:00 a.m. all dressed with no place to go. I can't very well clean the bathtub wearing this.  I guess tomorrow will have to be my cleaning day.

Hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. Guess Hubby has to take you out now. Can't waste such a gorgeous outfit on dusting and scrubbing!
    Have a great weekend, Zoey
    And remind me NEVER to stand next to your classy self. What a disgrace I am-faded jeans, tshirt and my old tenny's......

  2. I wanted to see the entire outfit in one shot...looks way cool! Love, love the boots.

  3. Looks good Zoey. I go through periods of change. I for years didn't wear jeans either. With my gardening though, I've been back into nothing but jeans and I have a feeling this will always be the way for me now. I do class them up with my blazers though. :) Have a nice weekend.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. Cute outfit. Like the jewelry too. I like boots of all kinds. Smiles, Susie(She Junks)

  5. cute outfit...hope you have a fun day...I am definately a blue jean gal...

  6. The outfit looks great! I think you need to go out to lunch or shopping. And maybe DH will take you out to dinner.
    I am a blue jeans girl. Jeans, turtleneck and tennies. That's my everyday outfit.
    Have a super day!

  7. Gosh I thought for sure we were sisters separated at birth, but I guess not, cause I'm a jean girl only. Oh I do love dresses but only have a few and never an occasion to wear them.
    I might have 3 pairs of dress pants and a skirt or two. If they all still fit is another question.
    I do love your outfit!!!

  8. I agree, I hope hubby took you out somewhere. : ) Cute outfit! I have similar boots to those, mine are suede with a couple of buckles on the side.
    Got stuck at home as Brian had to take his dad to a walk-in clinic as his leg was bothering him. I watched Whitney Houston's funeral on the web-very sad. I turned up some slacks too!

  9. I am a blue jean gal, you could hardly catch me in anything else!
    I love your denim/metal look, you should show us the whole outfit in one shot..please?? :)

  10. Don't you hate that, all dressed up and nowhere to go? lol I do hope you ended up going out after all:-) I love that necklace, it's so gorgeous and glad you were able to fix it. As for the denim outfit...looking good, my friend!! The boots go perfectly with it too. xoxo


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