Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mulling Over Garden Ideas

Yes, I am in the mood to get back to gardening.  I have saved a few ideas that I found (mostly during my a.m. pinterest surfing). Here I have some amaranthus inspiration. You  may remember that I just bought a bunch of seeds.
I really like the big bold container bottom right.  It is made as a huge bouquet. The amaranthus are not growing in the pot.  Almost all of these designs are made as bouquets.  It is a great flower for out-of-the-ordinary designs, don't you think?

I am not usually a big fan of planted wheelbarrows, unless they are  exceptionally big  with spiller plants like the one below.  I think some green amaranthus hanging down would make it even better.

The bench with flowers growing thought it...simply charming. I already have a couple of benches...definite possibility. Although my benches are not nearly as nice as that expensive concrete/wooden one.

I like the simple combo planting of three of my favorite annuals -- fountain grass, blackie sweet potato vine and coleus 'Sedona'.

One thing I have is a lot of trees, so I am sure I could find a spot for the hanging window...if I just had a neat old window like that one.

How about that outdoor game made from a plastic tarp? If I ever have an outside deck party, I think that would be fun.

Are you all starting to get the garden bug?


  1. Looking at websites now. Deciding what I need to get as I am so close to being done in the gardens. You have a lot more space to play with. I love the different things done in the gardens though and like the different things shown here.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. We went to the Amish seed store today. It was our first time there. Rows and rows of little boxes with little (but sometime big prices) pf seed packets.

    We bought 2 kinds of planting potatoes, 2 kinds of onions and lots of garden seeds. I did buy a BIG pack of zinnias. I wanted some of the burning bushes also known as summer cypress but they didn't have any.
    that game looks like fun too, I need to show it to my Daughter in law.

  3. Happy Valentine's Day, dear Zoey! I haven't even started thinking of my gardens, with all the snow we still have I just can't get in the mood. So for now, I'll just enjoy seeing what you're planning on adding to your garden! lol I haven't even bought any gardening magazines lately. Love the ideas in the pictures you show, though!! xoxo

  4. I am missing the outdoors. The week before last, before my sinuses acted up, I did a bit of raking.
    I forgot to bring in the solar lights, so enjoy seeing them in parts of the yard.
    I do have a big Pinterest board for gardening.
    I like what you picked out. Salvage yards are going to be very popular places!

  5. STARTING??? My gosh--I've had severe gardening bug for at least 3 months now-LOL!

  6. Nope I am not getting the gardening bug yet Zoey! But you throw a few more ideas around and I'm sure I will be on board:)


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