Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Trouble with Having Multiple Blogs

is that I tend to publish more to one than the other, depending on the season.

Since the flowering season is over, I am publishing more on my quilting blog and my tablescaping blog.

I never know if my Perennial Passion readers are intersted in the other part of my life. I guess if you are not, then there is no reason to check back until next May. But for those who are, I have posted this week about my Halloween table and my latest table runner.

I think I have shown you the Witch table runner I made a while ago. I used it for my Halloween table on the tablescaping blog.

On the quilting blog I was inspired by a set of Christmas plates I bought last year from C*old*water C*reek.

So if these things interest you, please come on over and pay me a visit. You can click the different colored words in this post, or just click on the right side panel where I show my other blogs.

Sometimes I wonder if I should have left it all on this blog. It can be a pain to try to post to so many different blogs!


  1. I adore everything that you post, Zoey. Maybe it would be less confining for YOU to zoom it all in one??????? I'm a fan, whatever you choose!

  2. Thanks, Jody. That was a very sweet comment to wake up to this morning.


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