Thursday, October 1, 2009

I Don't Know Where the Last Four Days Went

It seems like I just looked up and the week was ending!

I've done a bit of autumn decorating...

One night I made some tasty blueberry crumble bars.

My Mother-in-law gave me some phlox. I have tons of it, but it's hard to say no. She needed someone to come and dig it out for her (she's in her 80's). DH went and dug it for her and she feels good if she can give him something for his effort. So I will find a place to plant it this weekend. Maybe it will be some color I don't have.

Betty, left me this comment a few days ago:

....a sure sign that autumn is here is when Zoey brings out the
Word verification is 'under'(as in under the quilt??)

LOL, Betty, that was a good word verification because I have been under the quilts all week. I finally had to turn the heat on two nights ago. It was down to 59° inside. I had hoped to tough it out until mid October but when it got below 60°, I had to give in. I only turned the thermostat up to 62°...the quilts keep me toasty warm all night.

I am still not done with the leaf runner. I have only been working on it for 20 min. each morning before I leave for work. I haven't been in the mood to work on it at night. Hopefully, I will finish it this weekend.

Stay warm,


  1. I see fall decorating has are my calendar Zoey:)
    I love the looks of that blueberry crumble..I made a peach crumble today, any fruit crumble is good in my books!
    Little did I know that 'under the quilt' would be so true! lol
    We also turned up the furnace a few times..I had wanted to hold off till the end of October but hubby would not hear of it.

  2. Cute decor! I'm with you, the days just get away from me. I was out raking up burrs from the Chestnut tree with Sean today. Brian went out after dinner with a plastic snow shovel which did the job better than the two rakes and bent up metal shovel we had. I don't plan to do anymore of that this year. Got to get the decor put away now.
    I hope the phlox is a pretty color!
    And your blueberry bars looked yummy!

  3. we are still having warm days here in Texas...I'm not ready to bring out the quilts and lap throws yet...enjoying the warmth as long as I can...

  4. You have put me in the mood to decorate and eat. Thanks.Those blueberry bars look yummy.

  5. I'd love the recipe for that blueberry crumble. I have fresh frozen berries in the freezer--would those work?
    Thanks so much!


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