Wednesday, October 21, 2009

One of My Autumn Joys

You know that Indian corn candy that comes out around Halloween?

I have always hated that stuff... even as a kid.....yuck! It was right down there with Circus Peanuts (remember that awful candy?) at the bottom of my list of favorite sugar delights.

Well, no more!

A few years ago I discovered that this candy is utterly delicious IF you mix it with peanuts.

I now look forward to autumn so that I can buy a bag of Indian corn candy and a can of peanuts.

I have discovered that the ratio of 6 peanut halves to 1 Indian corn is the perfect blend of salt and sweet.

YUM! It's more addictive than potato chips. Has anyone else discovered this delectable treat?

Look what came in today's first Christmas issue of a magazine!

Love the cover. I am saving it to read this weekend as we are going on a little trip...a bit of a family reunion with my Mom & Dad and my Aunt...we have not seen my Mom's sister in about 18 months so we are all looking forward to the weekend. I wish my Uncle could come, but he is a minister and has other obligations. We will miss you, Uncle R!


  1. I've got the candy corn. Now I need to put peanuts on my shopping list!
    Maybe Midwest Living too.

  2. You are too funny! Did you know there is a "recipe" that includes these two incredients and chocolate and a couple of other things I can't remember.

  3. OSB, let me know if you love it when you buy those peanuts.

    Sally, You mean a snack mix recipe? I bet it's good, too!

  4. Zoey bring some of that mix tomorrow. We can eat it in the car.

  5. Haven't heard of this particular mix Zoey but I have put together many 'strange snacks' in my time:) My fave now is popcorn with pieces of red licorice mixed in.
    I don't care for candy corn either but with peanusts..sounds good!

  6. Hate that when I spell something wrong..I meant 'peanuts' of course..hehe

  7. I am really looking forward to this weekend. Don't let your mom eat all the goodies lol

  8. Betty,
    Licorice and popcorn - I've never had that. sounds good!

    Mom and Aunt M,
    I will have to whip up a batch and bring it!

  9. Uncle RR will REALLY miss you this weekend. Eat a corn-peanut for me!


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