Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Cannot Eat any Real Food for almost 48 hours

I had a sandwich Monday night at 6:00 p.m. and cannot eat any more solid food (except for Jello) until about 5:00 p.m. Wednesday, after a medical procedure is completed. Tomorrow I can't eat or drink anything at all...not even water...until late afternoon.
This should be fun.

I have decided that my Jello will be served today as though it's a gourmet meal. I made four different flavors and cut them all in cubes. When I can no longer take the hunger pangs, I scoop out a nice dish of different flavors.

Sometimes I mix them all together.

A while ago I bought two new flavors. I must say they are quite good.

I took a little walk around the homestead this morning. My burning bushes are ablaze in flaming red.

The maple tree is a brilliant yellow.

I brought some branches of each inside to use for my dining room centerpiece.

Bon Appetit!


  1. I haven't seen those new varieties. Good luck with your procedure.

  2. Okay are we long lost sisters? The last food I ate was Monday night, Shrimp, rice and a salad. today I've had to drink a gallon of yucky stuff. Tomorrow I get the old roto rooter test!
    I skipped the jello . . drank a couple of cups of hot tea.
    I told BT after this we were going to BK bakery for pastries and coffee, out for Mexician and to DQ for dessert. We'll see?
    Good luck on your test.

  3. Aww poor Zoey but just hang in there..the food will taste marvellous after the testing is done! (I am such a help, right?..grin) Keeping busy makes the time go by faster!
    And your jello looks so pretty..you have some flavors there I haven't seen on our grocery shelves!

  4. I think I know what you are having done and I'll probably do that in January. Brian had one and man could he go through the chicken and beef broth! The prep was the worse part.
    I just can't stand not eating of drinking myself-had to go about 18 hours a few years ago. Ugh.
    Your autumn photos look pretty. I also have a burning bush which is also ablaze in red.

  5. I had to go thru that last Sept. Prep was bad, but the worst part was that after all that self denial for two days, I didn't lose one pound!!! Now that hurt.

  6. Oooooh they make Pina Colada jello now??? I'm going to have to check our grocery store to see if they carry it here yet, so many times you have products in the US that we can't get here. I'm not much for alcohol but I do love a Pina Colada so no doubt I would love the jello! lol I do hope all goes well with your procedure, know that I'm thinking of you!! You still have such beautiful Autumn colours...all our leaves are now on the ground so the trees are pretty bare in my area. The trip we took this past weekend was a 6 hour drive south of me so I was glad to see they were at their peak, made me feel like I was having a second chance at seeing Autumn colours:-) xoxo

  7. Thanks for the autumn leaves, Zoey.

    I hope the medical tests went well and you get a clean bill of health.


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