Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Cookies are Decorated

I only made one color - orange cookie with brown swirl.

My swirl kept getting wider and wider as they cooled! LOL. I guess the icing was not thick enough.
It didn't take me long to realize that I was not going to do all 7 dozen of these cookies with that time consuming design. After about two dozen, I decided a quick lightening bolt of each color would take about one-tenth the time and be just wonderful.

The icing dried hard (I used meringue powder), so I was happy.

I froze most of them. This old Tupperware cake holder turned outside down makes a great cookie container for freezing. I put waxed paper between each layer.

Did you notice that flower on top of the tiered cookie plate?


Well, look again.

I made 8 of these today.
I think they are adorable. I found the directions for them while surfing early this morning. I am too tired to go find the link right now. If you really want it, just go to my quilting blog (there is a link up near the top right side). I posted it there earlier today.

I spent the rest of the day outside cutting down all the tall phlox and moving black-eyed Susans. After I could barely walk, I came inside and cooked a ton of meals for the upcoming week. I have a busy week with lots of appointments after work, so if I don't cook today, there will be nothing to eat all week.

I am tired and not intending to lift another finger unless I am using this keyboard!

Hope you all had a great weekend.


  1. Zoey~
    I could never keep up with you...
    I love the flowers so I'll be checkin' that out!
    Get some rest.

  2. ZOEY!
    your table is sensational and the cookies are to die for. But what I cannot tear my eyes off of are those gorgeous green candlestick holders ...oh my! Where did you find them?

  3. I love both designs on your cookies..oh my Zoey you amaze me with all your energy! And those flowers..they are so cute:)
    You deserve a rest..go read a book,or soak in the tub or whatever it is that relaxes deserve it!!
    I picked high bush cranberries today..they make the most awesome jelly.

  4. Your cookies came out cute. I like your design just as well. And I have that same cake holder-lol!
    Your little flowers are so cute. I should make some for the bazaar! Geez-I need to get going on that stuff again. I tend to do a little and then when the deadline is looming I go to town.
    Good for you for cooking for lots of meals at once.

  5. I have the very same Tupperware cake holder...I've had it for manyyyyy years! lol Like you, I also use it upside down to hold cookies:-)

    Your cookies look delicious, no matter which design you put on them:-) I need to do some baking and freeze it...muffins and cookies sound good. Like to always have something in the freezer in case I get unexpected company or for dessert if I haven't had time to bake.

    Your material flowers are just gorgeous!!! I'll have to check out how they're made, they might be easy enough for even ME to make them. lol

    It's been raining here the last few days so I haven't been able to go out and cut down the plants that are finished. Hopefully it will clear up soon so that I can do all that.

    Hope your week is going well, dear Zoey. xoxo

  6.'ve been a busy girl...cookies look the flowers....


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