Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Making Progress

I spent a little time after work cutting down plants from the roadside gardens. I am making progress, but still have a lot to do. Yesterday I cut down the few daffodils that were blooming. I have planted hundred of daffodils, but they just are not happy with the accommodations and very few return. Since nine daffs scattered in different gardens have little impact, I cut them all down and brought them inside where I can enjoy them.

I made four tiny vases of them to use on a dining room table, which I will post next week. All the snow on the deck has melted and it's looking quite bare.

It will be about three weeks before I can begin bringing all the big containers outside and planting annuals for some instant color.

I do have a few chive plants providing a bit of green among the bleakness. I cut my first fresh bunch yesterday and had cottage cheese and chives for dinner.

Tomorrow is Tablescape Thursday, which means all of us table setting nuts post pictures of our latest creation. Mine is the black, white and silver table that matches the runner I showed you last week. If you want to see it, just click here.


  1. Zoe,

    Love your daffs...yard work is an endless battle around here...but love getting in the dirt

  2. Thinking about all the yard and deck work you have ahead of you makes me tired!
    But it's all worth it when you show the photos!

  3. Daffodils seem to love protection and sunlight. When I moved in here, over 22 yrs ago, my brother planted some at the end of the hedges out front-they have bloomed for me every year.
    Your clean up looks good! I'm doing the same thing and have tons of the Creeping Charlie all over the place. It won't be long now for your flowers!

  4. I can hardly wait to see your planters filled with always do such a good job on them! And I do get some ideas from you in the 'gardening front'!

  5. I have trouble with daffodils too, but strangely, mine have been blooming wonderfully the last two years (some after not having bloomed for the last 8 years!). I wish I knew what made the difference.

  6. My daffodils and tulips haven't opened yet but they should in a couple of days since they seem just about ready. I was looking at all my perinnials yesterday and they're starting to sprout so I was glad to see they'd all survived another Winter:-) I also noticed my chives are growing well so will have to start using it.

    Did you get to Payless Shoes?? Hope you can get a pair of those sandals, I just love them and they're so comfortable!!! xoxo

  7. Your daffodils will bring a cheery touch to your indoors :) Mine finished about six weeks ago! We're enjoying some much needed rain this weekend, which of course helps everything look green and fresh again!

  8. YAY I can just feel the anticipation!


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