Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Harsh Winter for the Bird Abodes

The winter of '09 played havoc with the bird houses behind my rock wall garden. I found most of them on the ground. I really like how this triple decker fell.
In fact I plan to leave it as is so the top of the birdhouse will peek above the flowers.

This weathered white one is still attached to the tree. It pretty beat up, but I think it has patina.
This one has flipped upside down.

This one fell right off the tree, too. It looks like a squirrel had its home here.
The hens/chicks on the big piece of driftwood survived as they always do.

They are amazing little plants that survive the harshest conditions.


  1. how funny that they fell and landed stacked like that...what the weather can do

  2. I have no luck with hens and chicks. Not sure why. I see a lot of things that need redoing in my yard too. It was a bad winter all around.

  3. Zoey, Doesn't it feel great to get outside? I sure hope you get some blooms on the foxgloves. So sorry about all the damage to the birdhouses and the tulips! I'm fighting with a cat that has been in several gardens. Caught it in the foxgloves this am. Jean

  4. I like that piece of driftwood better than any of the birdhouses. ;~)

  5. It's always fun to see how well things have survived after a harsh winter! Our snow has just now finally melted and I haven't really gone to check what has survived and what hasn't...just waiting for it to dry up a bit, the ground is still saturated. I need to get the straw off my faerie garden roses, as well as off the flowerbeds at the front and back. Will probably get that done today as it's a beautiful sunny day...even if it's only 39f! lol xoxo


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