Wednesday, February 25, 2009

When did gaudy become beautiful?

Is it just me or is this ring beautiful?

I have noticed that as I get older everything I used to find gaudy I can now wear without batting an eye.

This is another piece I have had for years, but never wear. This morning I put it on and thought it was great. Just look how it matches my jacket.

I remember my mother buying it when I was a teenager. She gave it to me at least twenty years ago.

I am either looking pretty spiffy lately, or as I walk away people are saying, "Look at that gaudy old lady!"

Guess what? We are under a snow storm watch until Friday morning.


  1. I love that ring! I think it is nice when you hit a certain age, you like what you like and don't really care what every body else thinks, it should always be that way. To bad we don't learn that when we are younger, we would get more pleasure out of life.

  2. Somedays it's scary to think we are turning into our Mothers!
    Wish I had some of your snow.

  3. It's very pretty! Big rings are all the style now. I have some big ones I should re-examine! : )
    Ahhh...more snow-we may get some here, not holding my breath. The Philly Flower Show starts this weekend and my mom, brother and I may go in about a week. If I don't go with them, I'll go on the last day.

  4. Deb, I agree 100%. I used to worry all the time about what people thought....glad to be done with that stage!

    Osagebluff, I can only hope to turn into my mother. She is one fiesty open-minded septuagenarian. I'd be glad to give you a little snow!

    Dianne, I would so love to go to that flower show with you!

  5. I'm not much for jewelry, but my mom is the quintessential "Queen of the World" and has more jewelry than most royalty. Don't know what in the world I'm going to do with it when she's no longer with us.

    Like you, I'd be happy to send osagebluff lots and lots of snow! "-)

  6. This ring is very beautiful! Big rings are really fashionable these days even for young people, so don't think you're old just because of a big fancy ring. :) I really like it, but I only wear two rings constantly and I don't know if I'd ever get used to any others. :)

  7. Beautiful ring Zoey! Sure is wonderful not to worry about what others think..

  8. It became beautiful for me after I met Felder Rushing and saw how he used it in the garden.

  9. I've been to two jewelry parties recently and "BIG" is the new "small." :o) I couldn't believe the size of earrings and rings, you are very much in style wearing that beautiful ring. I love rubies! I watched the news this evening and the weather here (Arizona) is going to be unseasonably warm 87° to 90° that's way to warm for me.

  10. I notice that people start to go back to a lot of the things that they would have liked as children as they get older. Maybe because as children we didn't know that we should care what people think, then as we get much older we get to a point of wisdom that tells us that it doesn't matter what other people think -- and we just do what we want again.

  11. Oh Zoey I love this ring, mind you I have hardly seen a ring I didn't like and I have to admit I have quite a collection. I think I have rings to match all my clothes and watches to match rings. I love aging, I can be the real me all the time and my favorite pieces of jewellry have come from my mother. Soooo enjoy your pictures and blog, Bernie


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