Wednesday, February 18, 2009

See this Driveway?

I just spent 35 minutes shoveling heavy, water laden snow from it.

Yes, not only am I the nurse, but I am also the Driveway Maintenance Woman and the Director of Sanitation (i.e. I haul out the garbage).

So right after working all day, I shoveled the driveway, then I put the garbage can out for tomorrow's pickup.


Yesterday I dropped DH off for an appointment. While he was there, I ran to a dollar store nearby and I found these green martini glasses:

They were only $1 each! ONE BUCK! I couldn't believe it. I bought six because it was all I could carry. I plan to go back and buy six more blue glasses. I really have to check out that store more often.

At the hotel where I work, we just purchased new bedding. We went to thin white comforters which are $120 each. We just put them on the beds last week.

Today the Executive Housekeeper came to the General Manager's office to show him a cigarette burn in one of the comforters. He told her to get rid of it.

$120 down the drain all because of one careless guest. If you wonder why hotel rooms are over $100/night, this is part of the reason!

Lucky for me, my office is right next to the Big Kahuna's. I jumped right up and asked if I could have the comforter. Really now, why throw it in the garbage, when I am sure I can make something out of it. He said I could take it.

Look how beautiful the pattern is on it:

I was thinking of making sofa covers, but I really need about three of them because I have two sofas to cover. So I may make dining room chair covers instead. You can be sure I will show you what I make when I do something with it.

I have to end this blog post now. My patient is getting hungry.



  1. With all honesty I am not jelous at all. Big Smile! God Bless you and the South.

  2. Ok maybe I am a little jealous I love the martini glasses. What dollar store was this again?

  3. Great find at the Dollar Store! They do have nice glasses in the ones around here once in a while.
    How is your back? I could never do what you did with all that shoveling.
    Yeah, I would have taken the comforter too-$120 and that is probably a good price for a bulk purchase. Have fun making something with it.

  4. You shoveled that by hand?? Are you Superwoman?

  5. Yes Zoey you keep on are 'WOMAN"!! lol You are getting quite the workout..I know how hard it is to shovel snow! Love those green tinted glasses and yes I too would have asked for the comforter. I am waiting to see what you will 'craft' from the comforter.

  6. Lol, Barbara. There are a lot of people here would lOVE to be in the south right now!

    Dianne, no problem with the back (or any muscle). I am surprised as I expected to be a bit sore today.

    TC, All the snow in those banks did not come from one day of shoveling. It's from previous snowblowing. Nonetheless, I felt pretty good about my accomplishment. I even used two different kinds of shovels.

    Betty, Today I got a second comforter! Another one ruined by a cigarette. This one's a king, so I should have plenty of fabric to make something.

  7. That's a big job shoveling all that snow. I'm sure you're staying very busy. Hope your hubby is feeling a bit better. I've seen those same glasses at our dollar store.
    I'll look forward to seeing what you do with the comforter material!

  8. Just make sure you tell your patient you want a raise for all the extra work you're taking on while taking care of him! hehe

    Isn't it amazing what you can find at the dollar store? I'm in there quite often:-)

    Wow, good for you for being able to snag that comforter up before it was tossed away!! I can indeed see now why room rates are so high! lol I wish guests would treat rooms like they were their own instead of being careless. I got chit from a hotel maid once because I was making up the bed and cleaning everything and she didn't have anything to do in our room! lol xoxo

  9. My heart is there with you, Zoey. H plows and I am in charge of shoveling. This last 10 inches of heavy, wet snow just about did me in, but on the positive side, I haven't had to do much exercise on my nordic trac!

  10. I've never seen a winter before that it snowed everyday like this one!
    Zoey, have you taken up smoking? (just kidding!!I'm anxious to see the end results of your sewing project.

  11. A womans got to do what a womans got to do, that is cool you get the comforter, can't wait to see what you do with is!


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