Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Weekend to Relax and Read.......Wasn't

You know you always hear your life can change in an instant?

Well, my weekend did.

I was planning to be a couch potato and read for most of the weekend. But the only time I saw the couch was to help DH sit down on it.

My poor husband fell off a ladder while removing snow from the roof on Saturday morning. After two hours in the ER, I brought him home with a diagnosis of a fractured rib and a separation of something in the shoulder....I don't know much about medical things...all I know is the poor man is in a lot of pain and can't do much of anything.

So I am his nurse for the next few weeks. I have no idea for how long. I have to take him to an orthopedic doctor within the next three days.

The moment he fell, my weekend plans changed. It's amazing how much help he was. Now I have to do EVERYTHING.......even shop for groceries! :) Most of you know that he usually does that.

So I have been to 3 grocery stores in just over 24 hours, bundled up and took two bags of garbage outside, carted the evil ladder back to the garage, filled little cups with pain pills, prepared the lazy boy for his bed (he can't lie down), etc. etc. I have also been cooking up a storm so he will have plenty of food while I am at work and dinner will only need to be reheated all week. I have not touched the book since I was waiting for him to come out of the x-ray room.

While shopping, I bought a 2 lb. bag of carrots. When I got home, I discovered I already had a 2 lb. bag. So carrots were used in just about everything I cooked.

These beauties went into a totally-from-scratch carrot cake with cream cheese coconut frosting that I made yesterday.

Today I made turkey rollups, honey glazed carrots, beef veggie soup/stew, and a beef roast with carrots and potatoes.
That should be plenty for the work week.

I did get to do a bit of sewing early Saturday morning before the fall.

I don't know how DH will be able to stand doing nothing for the next few weeks. He is like me and rarely sits doing nothing. He is already quite bored.

Hopefully the ortho doctor will be able to tell us more this week. We are hoping that he does not need surgery on the shoulder. How many weeks does it take for a fractured rib to heal? I guess I should google that, but right now I have to go clean up the kitchen.


  1. Oh my Zoey... I am so sorry to hear about your husband!

    Healing time 3-8 weeks(depends on the break) No funny movies for awhile! also, get him an extra pillow to hold on his stomach when sneezing, coughing, or tying to get up....

    NOT a fun injury! (I have had a few)

    Hopefully the doctor can give you more info!

    Hard to have husband in pain... and stir-crazy... been there...not fun (either) Husbands do NOT listen very well (sometimes)

    If you need to talk (vent, lol) I am here!!


  2. I'm so sorry about that! Tell DH I'll pray for him if that helps. My husband does most of the grocery shopping too by the way- he's better at grabbing bargains. I hope he'll heal well and you can have the energy and endurance needed to cope- I'd really have a tough time without all the help my husband gives me! Good luck!

  3. Oh, Zoey, praying for a quick recovery for you hubby. You are right, you never know how things will turn out. Thankfully his injuries were not more severe.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your hubby's fall! I always worry when Bill is up on the ladder cleaning gutters or such.
    Hope he can rest and recuperate without needing surgery.

  5. Zoey~
    Hope everything works out quickly for your hubby. He is an active guy so this will be hard on him.
    Ps. your carrot cake is making me drool!

  6. My Bri is scared of ladders for a reason. He can relate to what happened to your DH, but he fell off one when he was 10 and broke his arm and cut his head open (left on a house being constructed). He has a big scar from that one.
    I hope DH heals quickly. I'd say get him so guy style audio books so he can close his eyes to listen to them. Or some good music. I agree about the pillow for the tummy (I have a big gallbladder scar there). Terrible this happened!

  7. That was 'some' audio books. It's time for bed here.
    Your food made me hungry! Looks delish!!

  8. Oh Zoey..praying for a 'quick as can be' recovery for your hubby. I can only imagine the pain..
    The food that you prepared looks great..yum yum! I want a piece of carrot cake!!

  9. Oh, My! My thoughts are with you and DH and hoping for a speedy recovery. It's amazing how quickly something like that can happen and change our daily lives. I know it will be difficult for him to sit still, but right now, that's the best thing for him.

  10. Terribly sorry to hear about your husband! I hope recovery is seamless and everything gets back to normal soon.

    (I just got really hungry for some odd reason!)

  11. OMG, hope the hubby gets better quikcly. I wouldn't know how to act if my husband did the grocery shopping. My favorite story about his grocery shopping goes like this: I asked him to stop by the store and pick up two heads of leaf lettuce. I told him the kind you make wilted lettuce out of. So in his dress suit with tie he goes into the market. He picks up two heads just after the sprinkler had shut off. They were dripping wet. While he was trying to figure out how to get to the cash register without dripping water on himself, he sees a woman roll a plastic bag off the roll. What a concept he thought. He grabbed one, put the lettuce in it and headed to the cash register!

    I'll pray for a fast recovery!

  12. So sorry to hear about your hubby. Sounds like your relaxing weekends might be gone for a while! Man, the food you cooked looks great....wish I had some of that carrot cake!! Yummy!

  13. Zoey, I'm so sorry to hear about your husband. It's a good thing you were home. I hope you get some more information soon. Your carrot cake looks delicious. Jean

  14. Oh no! I feared the worst when you said he fell off his ladder. Hoping he heals quickly.

  15. Ouch, what a shock this was. Hope you are both doing well.



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