Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Know it's Selfish, but I can't Help it

DH wanted me to thank all of you for the get well wishes.

We went to the Dr. today. He took more x-rays and then explained the different levels of his shoulder injury. His is right in the middle and the doctor told him they could do surgery now or wait a couple of months to see if it heals on it's own. The decision was DH's.

Well, my dear husband has never had a major operation and he is in no hurry to have one. So he chose to wait it out.

There is nothing that can be done other than pain pills for the broken rib or the shoulder. So it looks like my nursing skills will be put to use for quite a few more weeks. The Dr. said it could be up to 4 months.

God help me.


  1. Hi Zoey I hope it heals fast...or that the pain eases.... doesn't sound like fun!


  2. Hi Zoey,
    Surgery is no fun, so hopefully this will heal on it's own quickly. I'm sure you are a good nurse for him!

  3. 4 months of taking care of a DH?? Oh honey!! I will be saying prayers for you and lighting candles!! This is worse then Man Cold!!!
    Seriously....Hope the poor guy feels better soon and that the pain pills are great.
    Hang in there!!

  4. That's a darn shame! If he is too uncomfortable, he should consider the surgery. Good luck to both of you!

  5. So sorry to read about the fall and its results, Zoey - good luck and good healing to both of you.

    I hope you don't mind a coulda-been-worse anecdote - in Illinois our dear neighbor fell from a ladder, struck his head on the driveway and never recovered. Four months of nursing is a much better deal!

    With all the calcium & protein and love you put into your cooking - your DH's bones will have the building blocks to get strong again.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  6. Looks like you can at least be fashionable as a nurse. :) lol Well, I hope things go well and he heals quickly. For the time being, I believe things always happen for a reason, even the bad things, and maybe this is meant to bring you even closer. Who knows- something else good could come about from this too. Just keep a smile and a good perspective and you'll pull through. Hang in there!

  7. I bet you make a wonderful nurse Zoey! Now, go fluff hubby's pillow. ;~)

  8. Oh dear..praying for your hubby's quick recovery. You make a good nurse Zoey and I like your 'hat'..grin
    Take care of yourself..don't 'overdo'.

  9. The most difficult part of the healing process is patience! He will need to be diligent in following Dr's orders and do whatever physical therapy is needed.

    I've had tendonitis in my rotator cuff for several months and was told it could be 6 months or a year before it fully healed. I sure hope it heals before gardening season!

    P.S. You're hat is so cute!


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