Sunday, February 22, 2009

There was a bit more Snow than I Thought

I never did hear just how much, but it must be over a foot.

Shortly after my first post this morning, I heard a noise and ran to my front window. I was met with the most spectacular sight -- my wonderful neighbor and his John Deere snow blower. I can't tell you what a beautiful sight that was.

I still had to shovel the sidewalks and in front of the garage. Luckily this snow was not wet and heavy.
I had to throw it up pretty high!
It was actually fun.

All of the neighbors came out one by one. Snow blowers buzzed and shovels tossed the white stuff in all directions.

Snow storms bring out a certain neighborly camaraderie. There is a lot of chatter about how much we got, what the yearly tally is and how much more is coming. All the guys with snow blowers used them to clear a path in the road. We live on a dead end road and it never gets plowed on the weekend. Thanks to my neighbors, I should be able to get out for work tomorrow.

I took a loaf of my English Muffin bread to my neighbor. His wife called me to tell me that they both really enjoyed it for breakfast after he finished working outside. It does not seem like much considering all the work he did, but I was happy that I could do at least a little something in return.


  1. Zoey,

    You are lucky to have such a great neighbor,
    love the pictures. I love to see pictures of snow, just don't like to be in it, that's why I like Texas.

  2. wow that's lovely! but yes, looks like a lot of work

  3. Oh my gosh-look at the mountain of snow! I'm glad the neighbor helped you out. Hmmm...think we've had maybe 6 inches for the entire winter.
    All your baked goods look so tempting!
    I do dislike those paper patterns. I read if you plan to use the pieces again and again to get a roll of drawing paper and make sturdier ones.

  4. I love snow but it's images like these that remind me why I live in SoCal. :)

    I love that all the neighbors were helping each other out.

  5. Zoey, we got just a bit over 12 inches in this latest storm. They said that we have a little over 110 inches of snow for the season. At least we know that spring is coming. (hopefully). Love the shots of you shoveling the snow. Bet you will be glad when DH gets well.


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