Monday, December 4, 2006

Who Needs an Inexpensive Cute Gift Idea?

Do you have a few coworkers or maybe your hair stylist, nail technician, etc. that you want to give a little something to? Or perhaps you're giving a gift certificate and you want to present it with a little something else.

Here's a great little idea using candy like this:

and turning it into this:

Isn't it just the cutest? It's also fun, quick & easy to make. If you are not crafty, you will feel like you are after making this.

Here are some quick directions for those that have no idea where to begin. First pick out a cup or other container. Then get a piece of dry floral foam and roughly cut it so it fits into the cup.

Cover the foam with aluminum foil.

Then stuff it into the cup so about 2 or 3 inches sticks out from the top. Make sure the piece of foam fits very snugly because you don't want it to fall out after you put all the candy on it.

Before you begin this project, get yourself some of these florist pins at any craft store.

Stick a couple of pieces of candy on the pin.

Shove it into the foam. Repeat multiple times until you can no longer see the foil.

On mine I stuck the two Butterfinger candies on first to make sure they were centered and then filled in around them to keep them standing up. Another candy to use for the accent would be candy canes.

You could even use a small ornament in the center--something taller & upright, like a skinny elf or snowman. You're only limited by your imagination.

One tip: Make sure you buy candy that has an outer wrapped with room to stick the pin through. The little Hershey kisses were tough to do because the little flag of paper sticking out ripped so easily. If you make your own candy (I am thinking of Pea, who has already made tons of candy!), you could individually wrap the pieces and make it all from homemade items

I added a wooden pick with some curling ribbon and a little piece of shiny gold star garland. I will add a to/from tag to this later. If I were giving a gift certificate, I would attach it to one of those plastic card holders (like you get in a florist bouquet) and stick it off to one side.

You can whip out quite a few of these in a short amount of time. Just don't eat all the candy before it gets attached!

If any of you decide to try this, I hope you have fun and it turns out great!


  1. Clever idea and a good presentation for a gift card...
    Pea really does have lots of homemade candy doesn't she!

  2. Great idea! I'm giving a lot of gift cards, this year. ;o)

  3. Who's talking about me??? hehe It's funny I should read this because I've just come back from the kitchen and popped one of my chocolates in my mouth! lol Another wonderful idea, Zoey, I really love this!! I've never seen anything like this before...the only time I've used candies is to make the candy wreath!

  4. Wonderful idea! I'm putting it into my "gift ideas" file for next year.


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