Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring Fever

Once the calendar says spring is here, I get antsy to work out in the garden. I have spent a bit of time seeking inspiration in the wee hours each morning before going to work.

Love these giant tropical containers!

I love alliums and thought this grass combination was unique.

Alliums and stipa tennuisima
photo source

Just 3 alliums in each container really bring this planting to life.Pinned Image

Wouldn't you love to stroll this path on a warm spring day?
Pinned Image
I know many of you are already able to begin your 2013 season. For me, it will be at least another six to seven weeks before I can plant anything.  All I can do now is ogle the gorgeous pics I find on the net.


  1. Those first containers are gorgeous. Of course anything with Allium in it is beautiful. I assume you are suppose to get the snow storm Sunday. They are saying maybe 8 inches for us now.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. These inspiration photos are gorgeous. Can't wait to see what you do in your garden and containers.

  3. love that purple...we have the change of freezes next holding off a little before planting...

  4. Yes,we have to go looking to find some color this time of the year when winter wants to hang on.
    Those Allium's are so pretty. Mine never seems to look that beautiful in my beds somehow. Maybe I need more to make them look better. Are you buying that excuse to buy more? LOL! Have a lovely weekend and I hope you do not get much more snow up that way.

  5. I love the alliums and grass combination..kind of a wild look!
    And I would love to stroll down that path..I think I am starved for summer:)

  6. I love them in planters!!! And I am with you...we are getting more snow tomorrow and I think I may lose my mind!!! Great inspiration here!!!

  7. I'm with you, Zoey. I am so anxious for Spring and could spend hours looking at garden pictures. I can't wait to see your gardens this Spring/Summer- xo Diana

  8. Hello Zoey, I love the alliums and the stipa together, what a combination. I have some friends who spray paint their alliums after they are done blooming and they look gorgeous all season long. They claim it doesn't hurt the bulb, so someday I'm going to give it a try.

  9. "alliums and the grass combination was unique."

    Definitely agree on this one. The grass perfectly compliments the flowers.

  10. What good ideas! I like the grass and alliums too!

  11. What good ideas! I like the grass and alliums too!


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