Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Denim & Diamonds

Today I wore the big bold diamond-like flower necklace that I showed you in my last post.  I wore it with black pants, black top and a white denim jacket. 
 I bought this jacket at the same time I bought the necklace, hoping they would work together.  The combo looked just the way I imagined it would and I loved it!  I think the Bling-bling from the necklace added just the touch I needed to elevate a jean jacket to wear-to-work status.

I even got a few compliments.  After work I went to get my hair done and two hair stylists commented on how much they liked it, which made me feel good. 

I also wore a CC belt with silver accents that I bought a few years ago.  I needed some silver on the belt to go with the silver snap buttons on the jean jacket.
I am planning to wear this exact combo again this weekend.  It is always nice when my purchases turn out to be exactly what I had planned in my mind when I hit the order button!

That is not the only good luck I had today.  I had 15 min. to spare between leaving work and my hair appointment.  Last week I bought two new lamp shades for my living room.  When I got them home, they were a tad too short.  I have been trying to find lamp shades for months and there is just NOTHING in my small town.  So I decided to keep the too-short shades and just add some trim to the bottom. 

The only place I have to buy trim in my town is JoAnne's Fabric store. I ran right to the back of the store to see if they  had any trim in the close-out section.  They had only one---it was exactly what I wanted!!  No kidding............look at this..................

I could not have had a better match if I hand dyed it!  It was $6/yard less than the same fringe in other colors.  I really should forget about this post and go buy a lottery ticket!  My luck just does not get better than it was today.


  1. Love the outfit, Zoey. It' great when things turn out just as you hoped. PERFECT trim. I'd say somebody was smiling on you this week- xo Diana

  2. I really like your outfit Zoey. Looks great together. The lamp shade looks lovely.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. Hope you got a good hair cut and color too. Oh wait, only your hair dresser is to know for sure.

    Love the lamps!

  4. So happy you had great success on all your buys! Enjoy!
    The outfit looks fantastic!!

  5. Happy post! Love when you buy something you could picture in your head would look nice together.
    I just got a top from Zulily and it wasn't that expensive. I bought it a little larger and it doesn't look that way at all.
    Cute trim on the lamp shades too!


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