Sunday, March 10, 2013


Last week I received a few pieces of jewelry that I ordered from *C*oldwater *C*reek during their closeout sale.  You all know I stalk the CC site daily and pounce when I see a great sale event!
   I left the price tag on this necklace, aptly named 'Brilliant Blossoms', to show you what a great bargain it was. I would never pay  $100 for costume jewelry .  Fortunately it was at the outlet price + 60% off  and I found a coupon code for $30 off a $100 order. .................   .................   ...................... .........................................................drum roll please.................................................................

This big ol' hunk of bling was mine for just $17.55.
This is more the true color:

I also bought  a few other bold pieces:
Love this one!
Not sure about this set-- the pic on their site showed a totally different color - I thought I was ordering the aqua color below.

 Every now and then I get something that is not as I expected. I never return anything.  I am sure I have something in my closet that will coordinate with the more green color.

I also bought some cute gloves (for next year) & a couple of belts:


 This morning I added these  Easter chair backs to my dining room .
Today we are expecting rain and snow.  It's a good day to stay inside and finish up the Easter decorating. 

Life is good in my little corner of the world this weekend. :) I hope it is in your corner, too


  1. Very pretty and bold pieces. Sure you will look great in them. I don't think we are to get snow, but your post is making me go next to the weather to check. Have a nice day.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. I love your jewelry pieces, Zoey. What a great buy that first one is!!! I love your sweet little Easter chair covers, too. I think I remember you working on those last year. Hope you have a great Sunday- xo Diana

  3. Love the jewelry! I am really into earrings, really like that antique look. We are getting tons of rain, hope the snow is gone for this year!!!


  4. Zoey, I like the jewelry. reminds me of the old days.

  5. I love those Easter chair backs!!! Outstanding!! I would really like to find something like that for our table! And the jewelry!! Oh how I love those bold pieces....what a score!!!!

  6. Oh I love those first two necklaces. I hardly ever wearing necklaces. I'm a jean kind of girl. This will be the first week in months that I have to work all five days, I hope I can find dress pants for 4 of those days. Friday we are allowed to wear jeans!!

  7. beautiful pieces...great priced your Easter chairs..

  8. Hi Zoey,

    Looks like you found some wonderful bargains! I love the vintage style to these pieces. Enjoy them -

  9. Those are some good buys, know how to spot them!!

  10. What great buys and these pieces will get nice compliments. I'd call about the aqua one if that's what you really wanted.
    I need to decorate for Easter too-I like your chair covers and table!


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