Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Easter Basket

Not your typical Easter basket, is it? LOL. I loved it and I won $29. Did you notice DH used my sled coffee table for the basket? Very clever of him.

He also came home yesterday with two new half whiskey barrels for me.
I have been asking him to pick up two more. I want to leave them empty and just fill them with the plastic containers I overwinter. I think I can fit at least five of them in each barrel. In the fall, I will just lift them back out and put them in their winter home. I am going for a less cluttered look on the deck this year.

We have an 11:00 a.m. Easter potluck brunch to go to. I am making the blueberry french toast casserole that I made last year. Patti from Osage Bluff sent me the recipe--thanks again, Patti!

There is even a third cup of pure maple syrup in it. The fake stuff just does not compare.

It is very delish with cream cheese and blueberries throughout. It sit overnight in the refrigerator so the bread can absorb all the eggs.  Once I bake it, it gets topped with a thickened layer of blueberries.

You can find the recipe all over the net. Just search for "blueberry french toast" recipe.

I hope everyone has a great Easter today!


  1. That looks scrumptious. Have fun today. Have a happy Easter.

    Isn't it funny that as we age, we start looking for less stuff. Worked all those years to accumulate and then decide to let so much go.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. I did exactly the samee thing this year on my front porch, went from six pots to two large ones. I am planning on cutting down on the back patio also, just two much planting and trying to keep them alive! Have a great Easter.


  3. Happy Easter, Zoey. I like your barrels. We used to have a couple of them but "lost" them in a move from one house to another. Still too early to plant them yet but at least you have them.

    That is our all time favorite breakfast casserole. It was in one of the old Taste Of Homes magazines and took top prize. We had it in a little bed and breakfast in Plainsfield, WI...and asked for the recipe. YUM...What time should I be there?;>) xo Diana

  4. Lucky girl!The new planters sounds like a good idea for easy switching of plants. Your casserole sounds yummy. Happy Easter!

  5. $29 isn't too shabby! We hardly win anything. A guy who wins a lot of lotteries and scratch offs says to buy 5 of a kind that you can afford-right in a row as it's a pretty good chance you have a winner. Your odds were good as yours were all different.
    I'll have to try that dish-yum!

  6. I like what was in your Easter Basket. And you won $29.
    The blueberry french toast looks delicious.

  7. When you get your plastic pots out to put in the whiskey barrels, you might want to fill in around them with dirt or mulch. If the barrel dries out too much, it will shrink and separate - when that happens it is difficult to keep it in the barrel shape and rehydrate it!

    But if you put something in around that will hold some moisture you will avoid this one.

  8. Great gifts!! Yummy brunch recipe..

  9. I have downsized with flower pots..I really quite like it. I like those half barrels and your plan on what to do with them.
    Your breakfast dish for the potluck looks delicious.

  10. sounds your Easter basket...


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