Wednesday, April 18, 2012

(Denim) Pockets Full of Posies

 This is what I did with the blue jean pockets I showed you yesterday.  I  made a denim pocket garland and filled it with daffodils from my garden and my mom's crocheted doilies.

 I cut the back pockets off a small pair of jeans and kept them together for the center of the garland (in other words I used the butt of the jeans):

 This table sits under the flower wall shelf I showed you yesterday.
I made this in a hurry. If I had more time, I would have brought some of the hot pink down to the table by wrapping the candles in hot pink fabric. 

When I got home from work today, I added the pink to the lower level:
Much my humble opinion.   Did any of you notice the table runner is the one I made after cutting up that much too heavy denim quilt that I finished in 2005?  I like that I found a use for at least a tiny portion of it....after all it took a long time to hand quilt that monster!

I can see a lot of different tables with this unit as summer will probably be really sick of seeing flower tables...............imagine tulips or bright orange poppies replacing the daffodils.....the possibilities are endless!


  1. Zoey that looks great. Actually I think you did the pink fine on the table already. What a cute idea.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. That is just so cute, Zoey- I LOVE it and I love the burlap backer. Great job and FUN! xo Diana

  3. Denim pocket garland..what a neat idea!

  4. that is just too cute are so clever...

  5. Hi Zoey,
    I'll never tire of seeing what you create. Love this idea.

  6. How cute! I love seeing recycled crafts. Good one and pretty too.


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