Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Oddities of Spring 2012 & a Clothing Order

These pine tree limbs broke during the big snow storm a few weeks back. It is unusual for us to have such large branches break during the winter. 
DH hauled them away just a few minutes ago.  He has been going out after work this week for a short time to do yard chores.  Once I get home from work, I have no desire to go outside and do yard work.  I used to run right out and spend hours raking, etc., but as I get closer to the "golden" years, I don't really enjoy working all day and spending more hours working outside.  It will have to wait for a weekend when I stay home.

I did take a little walk around and  was thrilled to find that my potted Ligularia survived another winter.  Those tiny green shoots just above the soil make me very happy.

I find it amazing that this pot of Ligularia will look like this mid-summer:

the tall yellow flower is Ligularia.  I just leave it right in the container and sink it into the ground.

Speaking of surviving, this butterfly bush did quite well. They say that butterfly bushes bloom only on new wood, but I swear that one mild winter, mine  bloomed on the old wood.

Now I know I was not dreaming.  Look at all the new growth.
I won't be cutting this down to the ground as I usually do.  I should have some very tall butterfly bushes this year.

Rather than do outside work, I have been checking my favorite online clothing retailer for close out pricing.  This week I found a few items at a price I could not resist.
I already own a couple of the camis in different colors, so I know they work great under summer jackets...can't wait to try the chartreuse cami with navy blue! I think I will also get a lot of wear from the black beaded tee.

 I also bought this top in three bright summer colors:
I am thinking the chartreuse cami will work under the purple or the blue.  From what the reviews say this one needs a cami as it's very sheer.

I put all my summer camis away last fall. I just hope I did not order another one in the same color I already own!


  1. Your one garden shot looks like it was pulled out of a garden magazine! Gorgeous.
    I get a little more ambitious when I see my perennials come back to life. I've had Starglazer lilies in a pot for years!
    Sorry you lost those big branches-that happened here last year.
    I really like the new tops and colors, especially the comfy fitting ones on the bottom.

  2. I have such a hard time keeping Ligularia alive here. The slugs love it to death! It doesn't seem to matter how much Sluggo I put down. Yours is beautiful. Maybe I'll try keeping it in a pot this year.

  3. Looks like you have growth going on up there also. The Butterfly Bush dying back each year is why I never got one. They even die back here also. Your new tops are lovely.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. I remember the first time I saw that Ligularia here, it was so pretty. I need to find me one. Where do you find such cute tops?

  5. I love all those pretty tops..I think I would have ordered them in all the colors too!
    Gardening..I understand Zoey about not wanting to go out there and work in your garden, I used to have a lot of flowers but no more, I just don't have the energy.

  6. Hi Zoey. Your Rocket Ligularia is so lovely. I am glad you will have it again this summer. You have a Blessed Easter weekend.

  7. looks like you've been busy...I'm playing catch up on my blog reading...have a great Easter...


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