Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Still Procrastinating on the Garden Work

 Our unusually warm spring weather ended over a week ago.  I never did get much garden work done. I still need to rake all the pine needles and cones from all of the gardens and cut down Sedum Autumn Joy.
 More Sedum Autumn Joy....

 Even MORE  Sedum Autumn Joy....

Tons of pine needles on the paths:

Pinecones everywhere!

And this is only on one side of the house!  It is too much to even think about. 

So instead of working outside, I have been spending a bit of time ironing fabric scraps and ripping/cutting them into little pieces like this:
The short and thin fabric strips you see here took about 1.5 hours to iron and trim. I have already sewn twenty 4.5-inch blocks.

When the 20 are combined in units of 4, they look like this:
I plan to keep sewing until I am bored with this combination.  If I get bored quickly, these will become a table runner.   If the different color combos keep me interested for a long time, they will become a larger quilt.

I plan to get out to do some garden work this weekend.  Hopefully Saturday will be a good day to do a few hours of hard labor.


  1. Oh- I need to work outside, too! I have so much to do. I love your fabric choices in your quilting project. It is great! xo Diana

  2. You do have a lot to do outside! I have most of my cleanup done but then I don't have much. I like the old wheel against the tree.
    I like the quilt squares too. I don't sew. Barely can sew on a button.

  3. I tried to get outside a few times when it was nice enough to rake. I see so many weeds that need pulling and we get pine needles dragged through the front door all year long. It's hard to keep up with it all, like you!
    Pretty quilting!

  4. Though I agree it looks like a lot of work out there---we've waited a LONG TIME to get out. So put away that fabric, Zoey and enjoy the sunshine!!

  5. Keep procrastinating and keep quilting! Lots of time for garden work Zoey.

  6. i love that you decided to skip all the garden work & stay inside to sew =) At least our unusual winter is translating into an unusual spring--you have lots of time to get those pine needles raked up!

  7. Same thing here, Zoey. I just got done cutting back all of the AJ sedums. I have alot of 'em, too, lol.

    I use the pine needles for mulch and they work fairly well. Same thing with the cones, I just top-dress them with more needles. Not everyone likes the look, but I have an abundance of needles, so that's what we use.

    I love the quilt in progress. You are so creative!

  8. Il tuo giardino è davvero bellissimo, complimenti! Mi piace anche come è strutturato :)


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