Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My First Wheelbarrow Load for 2012

I finally went outside after work today and started my 2012 garden chores.  I think I spent about 45 minutes cutting down Sedum Autumn Joy plants, picking up fallen pine branches and removing weeds. 

After I finished this chore, I made myself a lemon drop martini to celebrate the beginning of a new gardening season.
  It's just the juice of one fresh lemon, some simple syrup and a shot of citrus-flavored vodka combined with ice in a cocktail shaker.  Shake until it's too cold to hold any longer and pour into a martini glass.  Now that's the way to start a new season!

We have had beautiful weather this week. If I did not have to be a work at my paying job during my most productive morning hours, I would have gotten a lot more work done outside.  I am hoping it will be warm this weekend, so I can rake those beds in earnest.   I don't even want to think about all the work I still have to do before I get to the fun part of enjoying the flowers.


  1. You actually got quite a lot done then. As I recall you have some very large Sedum beds so it has to feel great to get all that done. Still mid 80's here and hot. I refuse to turn the air on in March.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. You got a lot done Zoey. I like how you celebrate the new season!

  3. Oh oh screaming muscles! Watch out girl..start slow:)Spring yard work can be back breaking but then you know all about that I'm sure.
    Pamper yourself after every workout like that:)

  4. I worked out in the yard too. Beautiful weather, but what if we get a freeze? Everything is a month ahead of time here. Mother Nature can be a tease.....

  5. Hi Zoey, What a fun post! I look forward to seeing your garden progress this year. I have lots of things coming up and a few blooming. I'll show them for Fertilizer Friday.
    Blessings and hugs, Beth

  6. Oh I need that drink right now! It's been a hectic week and it's not over yet. Stay tuned until Friday morning and you will see why I need that drink!!
    Did I say that drink looks so good!?!?

  7. Maybe that's why my joints and muscles ache, I didn't have my martini! I have probably uncovered too much but at 85 degrees it is hard to resist.


  8. Yay, that's a good start. I'm glad you had a little sip for your celebration. : )
    I've been doing that same thing off and on since November. I think still have more to do, plus I need to edge many areas.


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