Monday, March 19, 2012

I Finally Caved In

Last fall I did not order any new bulbs from Breck's for my garden.  Many of you may remember that I was not happy with 50% of my orders last year.  After I emailed them, they did refund my money, but even that does not make me happy. I don't want refunds, I want what I order to grow as stated.  It's hard work to dig, plant, pamper, and then have nothing to show for my efforts.

Since this is the third day of mid-70 degree weather, the garden bug has hit, so I decided to click on the email they sent and I found two items that I really wanted.  So I ordered  12 of these new Lionheart Tango lilies:

I just could not resist that price. 

I also ordered 12 Crocosmia Fire King  bulbs.

A few years ago, one of my internet friends (thanks again, Chopsticks!) sent me some of these and I just loved them. Unfortunately they did not return the second year.  I never see them for sale in any of the box stores or nurseries here, so if I want them, I need to order online.

Now I need to find a place to plant these. 

Have any of you grown Lionheart yet?  I would love some reviews.


  1. Those Lionheart are lovely. Don't have them and haven't seen them anywhere. You know me, not buying anymore perennials. Only ordered a few more shrubs and conifers this season. Can't wait to see yours in your yard.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. I haven't seen the Lionheart. I saw some Flowering Fern at Breck's I want to order. They aren't really ferns but the leaves look like it. Maybe I'll give them a try
    Good luck with yours

  3. Nope- I haven't grown the Lionheart. I hope they do well for you! I have always had pretty good luck with Brecks...but haven't bought anything from them in about 5 years or so. xo Diana

  4. You funny just couldn't resist:) I don't mind, I like coming here to see what you are growing in your garden.

  5. I remember the trouble you had with the Breck's order. It's always a shame when the products don't live up to the advertising.

    I love the Lionheart lily, but have never seen one for sale. That crocosmia is a beauty. The weather this last week is too hot for me, lol, I guess I'm missing the chillier temps of winter.

  6. I love any kind of Lilies and those are really unique! I've had the crocusmia come back. I like them too. Good luck with your order.


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