Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Doughnut Muffins

I always like to bake when snowed in on the weekend, so Saturday I made these doughnut muffins from  the King Arthur site.

  In the middle of making these,  I discovered I didn't have any ground cinnamon. Luckily I did have some cinnamon sticks that worked nicely once I grated them.

DH really loves glazed doughnuts, so  I made a glaze instead of the cinnamon topping they showed on the King Arthur page.

He proclaimed the recipe a keeper. I was surprised because he does not normally like muffins.  I will most definitely be making these again.


  1. Those look yummy, I have some 3 day old stale glaze donuts. Maybe I will nuke one to see if it will take care of my craving that you gave me. thanks!
    Happy Tuesday!

  2. Love muffins! And those look so yummy with the glaze. Too bad I cannot reach right into the monitor and grab one. LOL!

  3. Now Zoey, you're going to make me regain all the weight I've recently lost! lol I just looked at the recipe and I have everything on hand so I'll make some tomorrow. Never seen a doughnut muffin before:-) They sure look delicious!

    As you saw from my last post, I made myself a sandwich using leftover taco meat and I loved it. To think I use to throw away the leftover meat before...no more! lol xoxo

  4. Yeah...do THOSE sound good. MyHero is not a muffin eater either but I think he might like these. Thanks for the recipe! xo Diana

  5. They do look delicious-with a cup of coffee, cocoa or tea!

  6. Oh yummers Zoey..pack up a dozen for me, will you? Or if you are short I'd be happy with half a dozen..would it help if I say please?? :)

  7. You must have been all out..no muffins arrived here:) So I baked a batch of these 'babies' today. They are super delicious!!

  8. I made the doughnut muffins, and wrote about it on my blog!


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