Sunday, March 4, 2012

Do You Think Easter on a Weekend Like This?

Despite the snow, I had Easter on my mind all weekend. 

I was eager to transform that  old green shelf I showed you a few days ago.

I primed it earlier in the week.
Saturday morning we were snowed in so I could not get out to buy paint.  Instead I shopped the basement to find a color.  I had a tiny amount of a very bright yellow. It was way too bright, so I mixed in a couple  cups of the white primer until I had a workable yellow color.
Yes, I painted it right in the family room  with just a blanket thrown over the carpet. That's living dangerously when you're as sloppy a painter as I am!

This morning DH helped me screw in my eye hooks (I think that's what they are) and then I went to work bringing my vision to life.

Here's a reminder of what I started with:

and now I have this:

It's an Easter egg display shelf!  I thought it would be a new way to display some of the real eggs I decorated over twenty years ago.  I am getting tired of doing big egg trees.

I made this blue jean bunny a long time ago, too and I still love her all decked out in her pink bandana holiday skirt.
 she has a nest of eggs on the top of her hat.

I put some Easter grass in the sled coffee table and added some of my quilt-themed decorated eggs.
I think the grass is too green, so I am probably going to switch it out to purple and pink.   I also removed the red sofa slipcovers and am back to pastels.

I have enjoyed the weekend at home.  I have cooked/baked a bit and did a tiny bit of cleaning.  I still have a major  mess with the Easter decorations.  I may putter around a bit more with them today.

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend, too.


  1. Zoey- We have that same winter weather here..but I haven't dragged out my Easter stuff yet. I need to do that.

    Your egg display shelf is wonderful. What a perfect idea! I even love the color...a nice soft yellow for Spring/Easter.

    I hope you have a good Sunday- xo Diana

  2. Zoey,your Easter egg shelf turned out so cute. I love the eggs hanging in it. I like the little bunny you made to.
    We have snow here now too. But it is supposed to get into the 50's on Tuesday so it should all be gone soon.

  3. Love your snow
    Love your ice
    Love your yellow shelf and I CAN'T believe you painted in your living room!!!!!

  4. Diana,
    Thanks for the nice comment. I am having a great Sunday!
    Thanks so much. It is about 12 degrees here today. I think it is supposed to be below zero tonight.

    Belive it! LOL. I can't believe I did not mess up the carpet!

  5. Oh my gosh, Zoey...I love that display idea. I'm in the mood to decorate too. I'm going to get my Easter things out today. I don't have a shelf boo hoo, but I have the new little tree I bought for Christmas. I'll show it later.

  6. Wow, that's a lot of snow! We hardly had any...the lightest snow in years.
    Very cute Easter egg shelf-good idea! I like that you follow through with your projects. Makes me want to look for eggs and cute bunnies like yours!
    Off to the Philly flower show tomorrow with Sean. Watch for photos!

  7. Looks like a good day to play indoors to me. Your shelf is just the cutest Zoey! How clever to turn the table into an Easter basket. That glass topped table is so clever and can be changed out all the time. Wonderful!

  8. Yup, we sure did get the same snowstorm! I find it so depressing to see all that snow now but it should start melting by tomorrow because we're supposed to get above normal temps and rain!! I'm telling you, from one extreme to the other. I love your pictures, it sure looked gorgeous!

    Oh wow, I just adore your "new" Easter shelf, how darling it is!! Such a wonderful way to display your Easter eggs, which by the way are beautiful as well. Right now I have St Patrick's Day stuff out but once that's done then I'll take out all my Easter decorations. xoxo


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